7 Random Korean Expressions Episode 11


In this series, called “7 Random Korean Expressions”, we introduce seven (or sometimes more) random Korean expressions along with relavant sample sentences. If you are a beginner level learner, you can start by studying the 7 main expressions that are introduced, and if you already know those expressions, you can also study with the sample phrases used in the video. Thank you!

Featuring: 현우
Camera: 석진

Please check out the PDF for the transcript of all the sample phrases as well. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask us in the comment box!


7 Random Korean Expressions Episode 11
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  • Shir

    Very userful video!!!

    I want to go with you. 😀

    • Thanks! Please call us if you come to Korea, let’s go there!

  • ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 저는 갈래요! 오늘 커피 1잔만 마셨어요.

    • 저는 지금 이빨이 아파서 커피를 못마실 것 같아요.
      Taliana씨 좋은 하루 보내세요.

  • Christian

    Great vid, as always. I want to know what -reul means. Don’t remember you guys talking about that ending yet, but it comes up often in your iyagi lessons and this video. Is it a particle? 감사합니다!

  • question. does 고 싶다 and ㄹ래요 have different meanings depending on context of the sentence? i understand these two have the same basic meaning.

    고마워요 🙂

    • Miso


      I’m only at a beginner level but until a professor of TTMIK comes and answers here is what I’ve understood this far about -고 싶다 and -ㄹ래요.
      I think that when used with the interrogative form -ㄹ래요 is somewhere between 주세요 and -고 싶다.
      What I mean is for instance you walk down the street and ask someone to borrow his lighter for one second.
      In this case you’re asking the person if they want/would/will lend you their lighter, right?
      If you want to go the “주세요” way you’d say “불 좀 빌려 주세요” which literally means “please lend me some fire” and I guess it’s a perfectly fine way to ask someone for fire but then if you use -ㄹ래요 it becomes “불 좀 빌려 주실래요?” which means “Will/would you lend me some fire?”. The difference between these two is that in the second case you bring up your interlocutor’s own will into the matter. The focus is more on him willing to lend you something than you asking for something than before.
      Of course when you want to place the focus of your sentence solely on the other person’s will, what do you do? You use -고 싶다, in this case it’d be “불 좀 빌려주고 싶어요?” which means “Do you want to lend me some fire?” and I’m guessing by ear that it’s not a natural way to ask someone since it’s a little bit too frontal ^^
      The advantage of using -ㄹ래요 is that this ending contains your request (you wanting this request to be fulfilled pretty much) and the other person’s will. It’s kind of difficult answering “no” when someone uses this ending on you ^^ because the person talking’s envy to go somewhere, buy something or else really shows true whereas when I use -고 싶다 there’s no trace of my personal opinion in the sentence. To finish I’d say that using -ㄹ래요 is a very clever way to obtain what you want from someone ^^!

      There you go. I hope it’s kinda true and if someone with more knowledge on the matter could correct me that’ll be cool. 😉

  • Tze Lim

    haha.. which pretty girl are you asking out for coffee?

    맞다. 그날 대학로에 경은씨랑 석진씨도 갔었어요. 그죠?
    그렇구나. 대학로는 대항로라고 발음해요.
    커피를 맛있게 마시세요. 🙂

    현우씨와 석진씨 감사합니다~

    • Tze Lim씨 안녕하세요,

      이 날 현우형은 누구와 함께 커피를 마셨을까요? 하하

      사실, 너무 바빠서 커피를 못 마셨어요.

      거의 비슷했어요, “대학로”를 읽을 때 “대항노” 라고 읽어요.

      Thanks for your comment.

    • Tze Lim

      석진씨 안녕하세요,

      선생님들이랑 커피를 마시면 좋아요.

      아니면 특별한 사람이랑? ㅎㅎ

      커피를 못 마셨어요? 아쉽네요..

      선생님들 쉬기도 해요. 수고했어요.

      아.. 대항노.. 저는 잘 못 들었어요. 좀 어려워요.

      감사합니다. 🙂

  • Julian

    Yay, more expressions to learn! 🙂
    정말 감사합니당!

    • Julian 안녕~!
      주말 잘 보냈어?

    • Julian

      석진 형, 안녕하세용! ^^
      네, 정말 잘 보냈어요. 근데 지금은 제가 좀 아파요. 🙁
      석진 형은요?

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  • Celeste

    Thank you for another great lesson!
    I’m understanding more and more. 🙂

  • saia

    Useful video 😉
    listening and reading korean and english subtitles is good for us!!!
    Thank you so much.

  • Anita Choi

    너무 좋네요. 감사합니다.. 😀

  • Hi there! what’s the telephone number to call TTMIK? I also would like to go with you guys in the near future. Great video keep up the good work and congratulations on the top blog you guys deserved it. S_R_C

  • The video is not available! :'(

  • oh no you didn’t type out the words this time