7 Random Korean Expressions Episode 4


In this series, called “7 Random Korean Expressions”, we are going to introduce seven (or sometimes more) random Korean expressions along with relavant sample sentences. If you are beginner level learner, you can start by studying the 7 main expressions that are introduced, and if you already know those expressions, you can also study with the sample phrases used in the video. We hope you enjoy this lesson format! Thank you!

The main expressions that are introduced in the video are:

밖 [bak] outside
회전문 [hoe-jeon-mun] revolving door
유리 [yu-ri] glass
의자 [ui-ja] chair
다리 [da-ri] leg
다리를 꼬다 [da-ri-reul kko-da] to cross one’s legs
테이블 [te-i-beul] table

Please check out the PDF for the transcript of all the sample phrases as well.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask us in the comment box!

7 Random Korean Expressions Episode 4
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  • Jalal

    와……..정 좋아요.나는 아주 좋아했어요.

    • Jalal 🙂
      감사합니다. I hope you can learn many things from this video. 😀

  • Julian

    안뇽하세요 경은 누나! 😀
    누난 너무 예뻐, 정말 예뻐예효! ㅋㅋ
    지금 스타벅스에 가고 싶어요, 라떼를 마시고 싶어요! ㅎㅎ
    안녕히 계세요! ^^

    • Julian

      Oops, I meant 정말 예뻐효 not 예뻐예효 ㅋㅋㅋ

    • Julian 🙂
      안녕!! 감사합니다!
      스타벅스에 가서 라떼 마셨어요? ㅎㅎㅎ
      저는 까페모카를 마시고 싶어요.
      까페모카가 라떼보다 더 맛있어요! 😀

    • 저는 카라멜 크림 프라푸치노 먹고 싶어요
      사 주세요, 줄리안님

  • jalal

    Wow. In reality, It is gorgeous.잘 했어요.정말….

  • A.D.

    아! 유리요! 저 사실는 차사고기 대몬에, 유리 나의 얼굴 안에 있어요.

    What I attempted to say:
    “Ah! Glass! Because of a car accident, I actually have glass in my face.”

    레슨 좋아요! 삼사합니다!

    • A.D.


    • A.D. 🙂
      차 사고 때문에, 유리가 얼굴에 박혔어요?
      Are you okay? I think it’s very dangerous.
      Did you go to the hospital to pick the glass up in your face?
      Take care of yourself.

    • A.D.

      네, 괜찬아요. 차 사고는 2004년에 생겼어요, 근데 유리 못 치웠어요.
      (“Yes, I’m okay. The car accident happened in 2004, but the glass couldn’t be removed.”)

  • 정말 감사합니다!!^^
    저랑 카페에 커피를 마시러 가고싶어요?

    • khairshapiee 🙂
      네! 좋아요!
      우리 함께 카페에 가서 커피를 마셔요. 😀

  • wow ~~ i know this art space! i remember seeing some interesting art on display there a few months ago.
    …그럼 같이 커피 먹어시ㅠ어요, 경은!! 고마워요!!

    • kerri 🙂
      You knew this place! There is a very nice coffee shop in this place.
      I sometimes go there to have a cup of coffee.
      우리 같이 커피 마셔요!! 😀

  • Forget_About_Me

    Thank you! You are awesome as always! ^^
    The quality of the video was a little bit lower than usual T_T But it doesn’t matter. The lesson is great! Thank you for this wonderful surprise after awfully tiring working day! Oh, Friday… Tomorrow I will take my time to have a reeeeeally long sleep ^^

    • Forget_About_Me 🙂
      Did you have a really long sleep? 😀
      오랫동안 푹 잤어요?
      I think it is the best way to get rid of your stress. 🙂

    • Forget_About_Me

      No, I didn’t.
      My Mom woke me up early and sent to buy some seaweed T_T
      What does “오랫동안 푹 잤어요?” mean? =(
      I’m very ashamed but I am still at the lesson 7. It’s because I started only week ago and don’t have much time learning three languages at the same time (>_<)

  • rigo

    i love these videos
    its a fun way to learn

    • rigo 🙂
      Thanks a lot. 감사합니다.
      There will be more videos. Enjoy learning Korean with us. 😀

  • Kevin Manley

    선생님 감사합니다.
    좋은 상용어를 배울 수있는 방법 같아요.
    오늘 ‘구멍’ 이라는 단어 배웠어요! 아싸!
    간단한 단어 같지만 지금까지 그것에 대해 난 알지 못했다.
    Next time I’m in Seoul I’ll by you, Hyunoo and the whole TTMIK staff coffee (which is .
    for my benefit, since I’m sure caffeine is a key ingredient in your creative processes for all these great lessons)

  • PolishBoy

    Those lessons are great! It’s better form of learning than for example writting in a notebook. Poeople learn faster when they watch something.

    Btw, “yuri” doesn’t mean korean person name?


  • 항상 고마워요. 와, 저는 경은의 노란 코트를 사랑해요!!

  • Murray

    All these “Random Korean Expression” videos are really great – they bring the language to life!
    오랫동안 그겆을 계속 만들어주세요!

  • shindy

    wow i luv this video i cant wait to watch the next one

    • ^^ Please look forward the next video. ^^

  • Nhan

    다리 꼬는 건 왜 나쁜 습관이라고 하세요?
    제 보기에 아주 여성스러운 습관잖아요…안 그래요?
    대부분 여자분들은 아무데나 그런 습관을 갖고 있는 것같아요…

  • Andrew

    I was surprised that the Korean word for table (테이블) seems to derive from the English/French/Latin designation; was there no native Korean word for a table?

    • Of course we have a word for table, it is 식탁.

  • kguy88

    thank you for this helpfull video
    please reupload the pdf file.i couldn’t find it