7 Random Korean Expressions Episode 9


In this series, called “7 Random Korean Expressions”, we introduce seven (or sometimes more) random Korean expressions along with relavant sample sentences. If you are a beginner level learner, you can start by studying the 7 main expressions that are introduced, and if you already know those expressions, you can also study with the sample phrases used in the video. Thank you!

The main expressions that are introduced in the video are:

야구장 [ya-gu-jang] baseball stadium
경기 [gyeong-gi] match, sport game
응원하다 [eung-won-ha-da] to root for, to cheer for
이기다 [i-gi-da] to win
좋아하다 [jo-a-ha-da] to like
투수 [tu-su] pitcher
타자 [ta-ja] hitter, batter

Please check out the PDF for the transcript of all the sample phrases as well.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask us in the comment box!


7 Random Korean Expressions Episode 9
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  • HUGE thanks for Laila for helping us with the video!!!!

  • Jon

    하하하 너무 귀여워요!! 재미있게 봤어요 🙂

    It’s nice you left the mistakes in, even if there’s a strong possibility your friend might beat you up! The expressions Laila used when she made a mistake are actually just as useful as the ones she wanted to teach so it was interesting. No matter how many times I listen though, I can’t hear “그냥 이렇게 해도 되나” – it’s so fast!!


    • ingrid

      Yes, i think the same!!! even “the mistakes” helps us!!! so don’t worry Laila, it was really good for being the first time on camera doing this .).

      By the way i really laugh and enjoyed when she said:
      아니야 다시 다시 다시 다시 다시 다시 다시 (a new word for me)
      with the expression on red!! it was like watching a cartoon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


      여러분 좋은 하루 되세요

    • Our TTMIKers’ Positive Thinking ♡ 😀

  • Lea

    안녕 하세요 여러분 🙂
    Laila씨, 비디오를 재미있게 봐서 갑사합니다. 저는 그런 비디오를 보기가 참 좋군요.^^
    좋은 하루 되세요!

  • Megumitch


  • Cynthia

    haha!!.. great video and i agree with jon The expressions she used are really useful

  • Julian

    아 귀엽다~ㅎㅎㅎ 이 비디오가 정말 재미있었어요. 저는 웃었어요! ㅋㅋ

  • Reem 예림

    ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 웃겨요! 재미있게 봤어요~ ^^ 저도 그런 실수가 비디오 만들었을 때 많해요.
    근대 라일라 씨, 궁금한게 있어요.. 한 질문 있는데 영어 써도 돼요??
    when Hyunwoo said, my friend Laila, will be making today’s video, I thought I will see a foreign girl, but it turned out to be a Korean girl ^^ which is cute ^^ is that your real name ?
    cause Laila is a pretty famous name in my country and it’s from Arabic origins, Laila means a night , one dark long night, and the sweetness of wine.

    Thanks for the video 감사합니다~~

    • Hahaha, Laila is her nick name and her real name is 박재슬.
      I am sorry for letting you confused.

    • Some koreans specially those who study English use what they call “English name”..”Laila” is her English name I guess.

  • Wan

    Nice try laila, 그리고 당시는 아직도 좋아요… 🙂

    • PaulC

      Wan, when you use the word 당시, what do you intend that to mean?

    • Wan 씨, Paul C 씨 안녕하세요^^
      I think Wan meant.. I still like you. Wan, did you mean it, yeah?

    • Wan

      안녕 sonnie 씨. What you said is totally what i meant to say… 😉 But, if i use the 당시 in a sentence, does it sound natural?

    • Julian

      I believe the word you’re trying to use is 당신 not 당시. 😛

    • Wan

      Julian, when i talk in a standard polite korean, if i want to say “you” what is the word so that the sentence sounds natural???

    • YiYu

      Hey Wan, the best way to address cute Laila here is to call her, Laila 씨, or Laila 선생님 if you really like her that much :). 당신 is a bit misplaced and not commonly used by natives, whereas 너 is not used for someone who you want to appreciate/respect and barely know. Hope this helps.

    • YiYu

      I would like to add, 당신 isn’t common in this situation, because she’s a teacher here :). it’s most often used between lovers, husband and wife I guess.

    • Wan

      Thanks YiYu for the comment. I hope it helps a lot… 🙂

  • rigo

    다시 i heard this word over and over while watching beethoven virus and pasta
    thank you Laila for helping us learnig Korean

    • Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!! As a big fan of Pasta, I totally agree with you!!! I loved it! Not the scene he was yelling at her “다시!!”, but the sweet and romantic scenes after.

  • 빌 바람둥이

    who won the match?

    • Wan

      나 몰라… 😛

    • PaulC

      다시 이 방송을 들어 봐야 하세요 🙂 재슬 씨는 SK가 이긴다고 말 했어요.
      Sorry, learning indirect speech in my korean class so i figured this would be a good time to practice.

      Anyway, you guys didn’t watch the video very carefully! She tells you who won 😉 SK가 이겼어요.

    • 재슬 씨는 SK가 이긴다고 말 했어요. (재슬 said that SK wins. or SK will win.)
      -> 재슬씨는 SK가 이겼다고 말했어요. (재슬 said that SK won.)

    • A.D.

      우~~ 영빈 씨 finally helped me learn the mystery that is “he said/she said.”

      영빈 씨, 감사합니다!!

  • A.D.

    하하하… 이비디오기 대문에, 재슬씨는 [Laila] 전설 이에요!
    (Hahaha… Because of this video, Laila is a legend!)

  • 지혜

    너무나 귀여워요 마음에 들어요 정말이에요 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ ~~~
    화이팅 ~~!!!!

  • Tze Lim

    너무 재밌어요!

    저는 야구장에 한 번도 가본 적이 없어요. 한국에 가면 야구장에 가고 싶어요.

    응원하는건 어떻게 하세요?

    선생님들 감사합니다~

    • 응원할 때 춤을 추고, 노래를 불러요. 팀 마다 응원가가 따로 있고, 선수들을 응원가도 따로 있어요.

      응원가(노래)를 잘 알지 못해도 괜찮아요, 다른 사람이 부르는 노래를 따라하면 잘 할 수 있어요.

      한국의 야구장은 정말 재밌어요. 꼭 오세요.

  • Anita Choi

    oh, Laila is soooo cute…hahaha

  • jollysheep

    이 비디오 본후에 많이 웃었어요! ^___^ 재미있어요! Laila 짱!

  • 안영하세요

    아니야 다시 다시 다시

    soooooo cute ^-^
    really enjoyable video
    i laughed a lot and learned 다시다시 다시 다시
    아주 재미있어요

  • Markus

    Haha, yes 😀 quite memorable. 재슬씨 감사합니다!