7 Random Korean Expressions Episode 2


In this series, called “7 Random Korean Expressions”, we are going to introduce seven (or sometimes more) random Korean expressions along with relavant sample sentences. If you are beginner level learner, you can start by studying the 7 main expressions that are introduced, and if you already know those expressions, you can also study with the sample phrases used in the video. We hope you enjoy this lesson format! Thank you!

The 7 main expressions that are introduced in the video are:

난간 [nan-gan] handrail
계단 [gye-dan] stairs
바람 [ba-ram] wind
물 [mul] water
벽 [byeok] wall
그늘 [geu-neul] shade
햇빛 [haet-bit] sunlight

Please check out the PDF for the transcript of all the sample phrases as well.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask us in the comment box!

7 Random Korean Expressions Episode 2
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  • And our regular audio lessons will be back on air very soon!! 🙂

  • Persio

    one more good video
    and its first time i see Kyeong-eun Choi 😀
    waiting for more videos with her ,
    kawaii 선생늠


    • Persio 🙂
      Thank you for watching!
      There will be more videos soon. 감사합니다.

  • Julian

    안녕하세요 경은 누나!
    이 비디오는 정말 재미있어요! 🙂
    and 경은 누난 너무 여뻐~ (sings to SHINee) ㅋㅋㅋ
    감사합니다! 😀

    • Julian 🙂
      ㅎㅎㅎ 한국 음악 좋아해요?
      노래 잘 불러요?
      I like that song! 누난 너무 예뻐~ ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
      Thank you for watching! 😀

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    • Julian

      네, 한국 음악 정말 좋아해요! ^^
      아니요, I can’t sing well ㅠㅠ (I didn’t know how to say this in 한국어 ㅠㅠ)

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    • Keith 🙂
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  • Carlo

    This video series are really fun and interesting to watch. I hope you continue doing them with all the ttmik staff, and maybe also with the guests 🙂

    • Carlo 🙂 Thanks for the comment! Having guests appear in this series is definitely on our agenda!!

    • Carlo 🙂
      Come to Korea and be our guest!! It will be awesome! 😀

  • Serena

    Hee, awesome! I’m in a rush so I can’t comment like I’d like to, but I just wanted to say thanks!

    • Serena 고마워요 ^_^!!! 잘 다녀오세요 ㅎㅎㅎ

    • Serena 🙂
      잘다녀왔어요? ^^ Thank you for watching! 🙂
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  • Wan

    Wow, your posting is really fast.ㅋㅋㅋ. 현우 형, 이거 저 좋아해요~ 😉

    • Glad you like it!! 🙂 앞으로도 기대해 주세요 🙂

    • Wan 🙂
      감사합니다!! Thank you for watching! 🙂
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    • HyunWoo 선생님,
      Is the 기대 that you used the same 기대 that Kyeong-Eun 선생님 used in the video?

  • Wan

    현우 형, what’s the meaning? 조송합니다…

    • “앞으로도 기대해 주세요” literally means “Please have high expectations for it in the future” but more naturally, it’s like saying “Stay tuned!” 😉

  • Wan

    아… , now i know. 😛

  • Stephanie

    I love it and this series. I wonder whose bright idea it was to do this? 현우 오빠? 안돼! XD <3 사랑해!

  • Elise

    aah so this is what you look like! now we know why Hyunwoo is always bickering with and making fun of you, methinks he’s jealous of you, unnie you are too pretty, nomu yehpuh! (i stole the spelling from shinee’s song lyrics btw, it looks kinda wrong!) ; ) now everyone is gonna move to ‘Team Unnie’ (Hyunwoo oppa be very jealous!!!) ; )
    all in all another fun lesson, jeongmal kamsahamnida!

  • Archana

    잘 했어요 경은 씨!
    이 비디오로 경은 씨를 보는것 난 즐거웠어요.
    (아… 선생님, 여러분 please help me correct my grammar! I wanted to say “I was glad to see Kyeong-Eun 씨 in this video.”)
    감사합니다 🙂

  • Tze Lim

    감사합니다 경은씨~
    비디오 좋아요.
    it’s good to be natural in a video even though there was a slight slip in your mind. haha.
    it’s fun to watch and it’s a nice location too.
    저기 어디예요?
    제 생각엔 좋은 곳이에요. 🙂

    • 저기는 청계천이에요, 종로5가 근처에 있어요. ^^

    • Tze Lim

      다시 서울에 가면 저기 방문하고 싶어요. 🙂

  • 청계천이에요!! 좋은 것있다 ~~ i love cheong gye cheon~!
    아, 한국 왈거싶어!!
    and i agree, you post videos so quickly!! i was still studying the last one with the pull-up bar, and now i will study about sunlight and falling asleep on walls.
    걍은&현우 항상 고마워요 ^.^

  • 정말 감사합니다!! ^^

  • rigo

    i love these videos showing parts of the city
    this is Seoul right ?
    keep making those its a fun way to learn

    • I-Shen

      It sure is. That’s the Cheonggyecheon stream that runs from downtown Seoul to the Han river. She’s a ways downstream from where it starts.

  • ingrid

    gracias!!! este me gusto más que el anterior por lo que Kyeong-eun choi repetia mas la frases!! genial°!

  • Forget_About_Me

    Thank you for the lesson! Sunlight, river and wind. Oh, I miss the sun…

  • Wan

    경은 누나, i like this video so much… 이거 진짜요!!!

    • 저도 좋아해요! ^^
      경은 씨 너무 예뻐요^^ ㅋㅋㅋ

  • Mathias

    고마워요 경은 누나! 그수업을 정말 재미 있어요!
    오늘, 프란스에서, 햇빛이 없어요. 하지만, 바람이 많이 있어요!

    I especially love this series! It’s really interesting because we can see everyday words and examples with it. 고마워!

  • mar

    wow, 현우 lucky son of a ..

    thank god i already knew all the expressions taught, couldn’t focus at all during the entire video /윙크/

  • Brian

    I showed this video to a friend at work and he said he couldn’t concentrate on the words because Kyeong-eun is to pretty.

  • David

    XD nice video. when you were under the bridge, i was half expecting you to point at the camera guy and say “troll, troll under the bridge” 😛 very enjoyable and easy to learn.


  • MsMoses

    Great video~
    I have been to that place where that video was recorded before… but unfortunately I don’t know how to get there on my own T_T I’ve been in Korea for almost a year and still don’t really know how to get around lol

    Thanks again for the video~

  • Arren

    It’s hard for me when a word is used in a sentence already.
    And when I construct one and I think it is correct but still it is different when Native Korean are delivering the sentence ..:|

    • Well I think practice is alway important when you study foreign language. As you use the sentence a lot, you will know how it is different and you can try the right sentence in the next time.

  • Thanh Phan

    경은씨가 예쁘다 있어요!!! ^^

    I hope my Korean is correct. It must have been freezing!! Thanks a lot for the video 😀

    감사합니다!! 🙂

    • 경은 씨는 예뻐요. ^^

      Yeah it was so cold at that time.

  • Nastaran

    I really enjoyed it thank you so much, but please repeat each words more and slower because I just learn the alphabet of korea.kamsahamnidaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • khgirl

    hi i’m really having fun learning here and i’m 16 years old pls follow me back at twitter i really want to build friendship with you guys i can talk english frenc and arabic and spanish and learning korean to come to korea in future

  • Mark Kamyshansky

    Thanks a much for all these vocab videos!
    I always add new words in my Anki TTMIK deck and use sounds from this video as well :3
    So helpful~

  • Shianglee Ng

    I wonder where the pdf file is.. I also couldn’t find the pdf for the other lessons. Is it just me or did you guys make the pdf unavailable? 🙁

    • I am sorry. This episode, 7random Korean expressions, doesn’t include the pdf file.

    • NG

      na 2

  • kguy88

    thank you for this helpfull video
    please reupload the pdf file.i couldn’t find it

  • Tiga Kuntum

    this is very inspiring!!thanks..

  • Monika

    Hello. This video is awesome. I have one question. In the first sentence: 난간에 기대서 서 있어요. what the second 서 means? Is it some version of “I”

    • Seokjin Jin

      The second 서 is the shortened word for 서다 which means “to stand”.

  • Michael

    난간온새루온. The handrail is new
    개단옩짤다. The stairs are short.
    바람온이당람. The wind is strong. Why use 이?

  • Carla

    I can not find the PDF of the videos “7 random expressions”

    You can tell me where I look?