7 Random Korean Expressions – Ep. 15

Well, Hyojin and Kyung-hwa tried to count only up to 7 words, but they forgot about one word and ended up introducing 8 words – but it happens! In this series, we introduce 7 Korean expressions as we walk around, based on things we see and feel. Hope you enjoy watching it!


Vocabulary words introduced in this video:
– 짜증나다 [jja-jeung-na-da] = to be annoying
– 분식집 [bun-sik-jip] = restaurant for Korean fast food
– 문방구 [mun-bang-gu] = stationery shop
– 계단 [gye-dan] = stairs
– 위험하다 [wi-heom-ha-da] = to be dangerous
– 주차장 [ju-cha-jang] = parking lot
– 우산 [u-san] = umbrella
– 초등학교 [cho-deung-hak-gyo] = elementary school

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7 Random Korean Expressions – Ep. 15
  • Dan

    Good idea. I still haven’t been in Korea long or often enough these days to adjust to 초등학교, which I guess means starting level school, instead of, ummm, public or citizens’ school, 국민 학교. 초 is handy to know, though, because it pops up a lot of places…first degree black belt is 초단, a college assistant professor is 초교수. A lot of mileage out of one Chinese character.

    • Yes, the word 초 is used a lot like 초급, 초혼, 초석 and so on. However the assistant professor is 조교수. 🙂

    • Dan

      Dang! it’s not 초교수? But that makes so much sense, especially when I was at that stage. I sure felt like a beginner. But if languages made sense, we’d have 초등학교, 줌등학교, and then 고등학교…:P

  • Rigo

    I love these videos showing parts of the city

  • Wedmer

    Can you make a video about the person who really motivated you to study your 2nd language, and what makes you confident using it. The same as Hyunwoo 30 mins talk in youtube i just kept listening to him and it encourage me to study more. I even want to meet the teacher that smiled so fresh to him while he is feeling sicked and want to go home.

  • Ibnu

    o…at last I can see another seven random Korean Expressions, I miss it so much, Gamsahamnida.

  • Ibnu

    A…at I can see another video of seven random Korean Expressions, I do miss it, Gamsahamnida.

    • Thanks so much for waiting 7 random Korean expressions for a long time. 🙂

  • Ibnu

    A…at last I can see another video of seven random Korean Expressions, I do miss it, Gamsahamnida.

  • zeynab

    Thanks for your awesome website! It’s really great studying with you! Now i can enjoy learning korean. Thanks again & love u all,my dear teachers…. 🙂

    • Thanks for your comment! I hope you keep studying Korean with us!! Yay!