TTMIK Talk – Interview with A-Prince (Part 2)

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Did you enjoy the part 1 of our interview with A-Prince? Here is the 2nd part of the interview!
If you haven’t watched the Part 1, check out this link:


If you haven’t, be sure to check out their official facebook page and twitter here:

This video has been translated into many languages by our awesome translators!

TTMIK Talk – Interview with A-Prince (Part 2)
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  • 줄리안

    선생님들은 외국어 공부 사이트중에서 최고더라고요. 아무도 이런 재미있는거 해주지 않은거 같아요.

  • reyam

    cool one of them know how to talk in Arabic ,,,wow
    thank you so much my dear teachers

  • Stratos

    awesome new content, always happy for more! 🙂 thanks

  • Ryan

    Good interview, you should try interviewing Crayon Pop next!

  • krs

    cool! JYJ should be next:)!

  • paradise

    I should really appreciate your efforts for letting us know this much and this accurate about Korean language 🙂
    I’m an Iranian girl learning Korean as my foreign language and personally like it when it is along with the music and I’m also a fan of the group FT Island, and listen to their songs a lot,but I’m not satisfied with the understanding I have from the lyrics, although I know it is a bit too much, but I really would like you to work on a lyrics and let us know the meanings and the grammar parts(roles) they carry in the sentences..I think it will help learners a lot because both words and phrases and also the grammar indicators are used repeatedly in the songs , so the learning would be easier.
    and also I have picked some of their songs as a hint 😀 for u to explain for us :
    -Tears are flowing
    again I say that I know this might be a lot to ask,but i would be much grateful for it:)
    Thank you again for your kindness 🙂

    P.S. sorry for the grammatical mistakes if there are some 😀 😉