[Advanced Level] Interview #1 – 문태곤

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This episode of TTMIK is a part of the series called “그들이 특별한 이유”, which means “The reason that they are special.” We believe that everybody is special in their own way, so in this series, we interview “ordinary people” and talk about why they are also “special.” This series was designed mainly for advanced level learners of the Korean language, therefore it is 100% in Korean. But even if you are not at advanced level yet, this series will provide you with great listening practice material. Every word used during the interview has been transcribed in the PDF for this lesson so be sure to download the PDF too. If you have any questions, please feel free to leave us a comment and we will do our best to answer them! Thank you!

문태곤, our first guest in this series is an engineer who works in a company but when he finds some free time, he likes to draw on Post-It notes. He has been drawing on Post-It notes for years now, and he has published a book from his drawings and he also has a blog here (click). Listen to the podcast and find out what makes him special as well as ordinary. The following are some of his drawings.

문태곤 문태곤

For all the Japanese speakers out there, Yuichi from Japan translated the entire interview into Japanese. You can read it by clicking on this link. Thank you Yuichi!

[Advanced Level] Interview #1 – 문태곤
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  • k

    정말 정말 잘 들었습니다~~

    이런 격려의 말은 크리스마스나 신정과 참 어울린 것 같다 싶네요

    담 인터뷰를 기대하겠습니다! ^^

    • 감사합니다 ^_^ 다음 인터뷰 기대해 주세요!

  • firdaus

    yesss…i can understand…..but only anyonghaseyoo and engineer.

    • Don’t worry if you don’t understand everything now : ) You will definitely get there!!

    • Serena

      You’re not alone. I could only understand a few words/very very very few complete sentences. *facepalm* We will get it, someday. ^^

      Guys, thanks for the lesson.

    • firdaus

      ajiman, kamsahamnida hyunwoo sun for the lessons

    • A.D. (탄력성)

      I’m right there with you. The comprehension went something like this for me…
      “Hello. I’m 선현우. Everyone, right now….” *blank*
      “Hello. I’m 문태곤…” *blank*

      Then winded up recognizing words, such as 인터뷰(interview koreanized), 오늘(today), and 있습니다 (polite form of existing/having)

      In due time.

  • 우와!! 이런 레슨을 정말 좋아해요! ^^ 재밌는 이야기를 들으면서 한국어 공부에도 도움이 많이 되었고요.
    감사합니다! ^^

    • 고마워요 Shanna : ) 앞으로도 이런 인터뷰 많이 올릴 거예요 ^_^

  • 혜리

    정말 잘 들었어요 ^^
    고급 수준인 사람들을 위해 이런 레슨을 만들어줘서 대단히 감사해요! =]
    이런 레슨을 계속 만들길 바래요 ^^

    근데 죄송한데요, pdf를 보다가 오타가 있나 봐요.
    “그림을 그리시는 분들을 정말 많고”라고 써있는데, “그림을 그리시는 분들은 정말 많고”라고 했어요 ^^

    • 감사합니다 ^_^ 오타 알려 주셔서 정말 감사하고요! 혹시 다른 오타를 또 발견하시면 알려 주시면 바로 고치겠습니다. 감사합니다. 말씀하신 오타는 5분 내로 수정됩니다. ^^

  • Naarai

    Wow! that was so cool even though I did not understand most of the interview. Hahaha
    But eventually we (korean learners) will all understand what is being said. ^_^

    • Thank you for the comment : ) Yes, just like you said, even if you didn’t understand everything, you will eventually get it!

  • miss chobo

    문태곤 씨의 Post-It art를 우리한테 소개 해줘서 고맙습니다!

    And thank you for creating an advanced level lesson!

    I look forward to your future posts.

    & continue to admire your passion, dedication and creativity 🙂

    Also, to fellow learners, 화이팅!

    • miss chobo 🙂
      안녕하세요. 들어주셔서 감사합니다. ^^
      문태곤 씨 Post-It art 저도 너무 좋아해요!
      문태곤 씨의 블로그에 가면 더 많은 Post-It art를 볼 수 있어요!
      앞으로도 Advanced Lesson 재미있게 들어주세요. ^^

  • 어! 고급 레슨도 있네요!
    앞으로도 기대 많아졌습니다^^.
    정말 잘 들었어요~!!

    • 유이치 🙂
      네! 앞으로 고급 레슨도 많이 올라올 거예요.
      항상 들어줘서 너무 고마워요.
      유이치 한국 또 안와요? ㅋ

  • Keith

    테마도 멋진데.. ㅎㅎ 잘 들었습니다. 고마워요 TTMIK! 😀

    • Keith 🙂
      감사합니다. 🙂 앞으로도 고급 레슨 기대 해 주세요. 😀

  • 다 이해할 수없지만 이 인터뷰를 너무 좋아해요.그림들도 좋아해요 ^^
    아마 pdf 파일을 번역하고 다시 들을 거예요~

    • phuongdung 🙂
      그림들 너무 귀엽고 좋은 것 같아요. 🙂
      한국어 잘 하네요!!!
      앞으로도 재미있게 공부하세요. 😀

  • 용평에있는 Yeon

    우왕~~ 참 잼있는 대화인데용~~!!!
    다행이당~~ 대화를 다 이해했어용~~

    • Yeon 🙂
      서울에는 언제 와요? 😀
      와~~ 다 이해했어요? 대단해요!!
      멋져용~~ ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
      다음 고급 레슨도 기대해 주세요. 🙂

    • Yeon

      경은씨~ 해피뉴이어~ 😀

      저는요~ 내일까지 서울에 있을거예요~ 🙂
      낮에 현우씨에게 전화해서 내일 오후 2시쯤 만나기로 했어요~
      경은씨도 넘 넘 보고싶어서 다 같이 만날 수 있으면 좋겠구요~

      넹~ 담 고급 레슨 기대할게요~ 고마워요~ 😀

  • 좀 시간이 있어서 일본어로 번역해 봤습니다.^^

    • 유이치 ^^ 고마워!! 정말 멋져 레슨 내용으로 넣을게!

  • Lynne

    Annyong Haseyo…Im still blurrr…

  • samko


  • Steve

    Would it be possible to get the english translations with these korean advanced lessons so that those of us who use something like this to make a parallel bi-lingual text document to study can do it? Thanks!

    • Steve, 🙂

      We would love to have translation included in the PDFs for our 100% Korean interviews as well, but for now, we are too short-staffed to do that. But once we can, we will asap! Thank you!!

  • Chris

    Having these advanced level podcasts is a truly fantastic resource for Korean learners. Both the transcript and the fact that they are entirely Korean is extremely useful. I will be starting to learn Korean in the near future, it’s a language I am very attracted to, and it is a relief to know that there are resources that extend beyond the beginner/low intermediate stage. Hearing natural Korean spoken at length and also being able to read what is heard is the only way to really develop full listening comprehension. Most courses tend to fall short of this, preventing learners from progressing beyond the intermediate stage. I really hope you will continue to make these Advanced level resources (even though I admittedly won’t need them for a while yet!).

    I look forward to using this site soon to learn Korean, thanks for the stellar efforts and keep up the great work!


    • Chris 🙂

      Thank you so much for checking out our site and leaving us a comment. We will continue this portion of the podcast and if you need any help in the future with your Korean, you know where to ask!


  • zackary

    …O_O…~so confused~

    • Don’t worry if you don’t understand much of the interview yet. 🙂 Start from the level 1 lessons and start learning gradually – after a while you will start understanding more!

  • Daniel K

    이 레슨을 올려 놓으신 지 6개월 됐네요. 왠지 이제서야 들을 시간이 됐어요.

    이 시리즈의 제목은 (그들은 특별한 이유) 훌륭하다고 생각해요. 왜냐하면 같이 버스를 타는 사람들, 길거리에서 스쳐 지나가는 사람들, 또 은행에서 줄에 앞선 기다리는 사람들 중에 이렇게 평범해 보여도 정말 특별한 사람들도 있겠죠.

    이 시리즈는 이터뷰로 이런 특별한 사람들을 소개시켜 주니까 아주 대단한 것입니다. 앞으로 (제가 아주 늦게 들어보는 것이라도) 많은 재미있고 훌륳한 사람에 대해서 들을 것을 기대하겠습니다. ^^

    • 아, 맞아요. 정말 사람들은 평범하지만, 또 특별한 것 같아요. ^^

      재밌게 들어주셔서 감사하고요!
      앞으로도 많은 특별한 분들의 인터뷰를 올릴게요. 😀

    • mhy

      hi could you teach me?

  • Katerina

    인터뷰 잘 들었고 새로운 단어를 외우고 있습니다.

    새 단어와 표현들이 다음과 같아요^^

    짬짬히 in one’s spare time, in spare moments
    소소하다 trivial, small
    취지 purpose, object, aim
    공감 sympathy

    근데 ‘위주로 꾸미지다’라는 말은 무슨 뜻인지 몰라요.
    그리고 “구석”이라는 말은 보통 corner 뜻으로만 써서 ‘특별한 구석이라고 별로 없는 사람입니다’라는 문장에서 무슨 뜻인지 설명해 주시면 큰 도움이 될 거예요…또…문법..’V+ㄹ까 싶다’ 예를 들어서 “아주 평범한 이야기이기 때문이 아닐까 싶어요” 문법 뜻을 설명해 주시기 바랍니다…모르는 것은 너무 많은가 봐요…


  • Wow this site is very useful and its the best ! <3 im learning alot from you guys. Me and my friends are going to korea someday,now i would be able to speak and understand it. I wish i could get to meet you guys in person someday. (:

    Thanks for everything you guys are doing,
    it really means alot ! 😀


    • Thank you for your comment, Rubin.
      When you come to Korea, please let us know that. 🙂

  • armin

    thank you i very like to learn korea and its very useful site

  • a student

    tnx for every thing
    I want to learn korea but I can undrestand just some of the word it is difficult
    but I like this language so i try to learn it

  • amychoi

    안녕하세요.정말 잘 들었습니다~느낌이 참 많은데요.근데 제가 중국사람이에요.영어도 잘 쓰지 못하는데요.^^ 제가 중국어로 말하면 안 될 까요? ㅠㅠ

    • 안녕하세요 amychoi 씨,

      한국어 잘 쓰시는데요? 하하하 인터뷰에 참여하고 싶으신가요? 그러면 jinseokjin@gmail.com 으로 메일 써 주실 수 있을까요? 그러면 제가 회사 사람들과 상의해 볼게요.

  • nomuka

    I’m so confused…am I the only one who can’t understand anything?? Where can I find the vocabulary ? Please help me ..

  • Magnet Holik

    I really enjoy these advance level interviews. I love your “Iyagi” series as well, but it is a little too easy for advanced learners of Korean. It would be great if you could do more interviews with Korean people like this, even if it was just with normal Korean students or whatever about ordinary topics (such as in Iyagi). That way there would be more opportunities for advanced learners to gain more exposure to higher level authentic Korean. Thanks for everything!

  • niloofar

    Never mind ! I will understand once in the future.

  • geerom

    excuse me. i cant seem to find the transcribed interview pdf link? 어디 있어요?

  • Mr. Moon (is it alright to call him that?) spoke really fast (at least for me) so I kinda got lost in some of what he said >_< I don't know if it's because I got used to Hyunwoo's voice but I could understand most of what he said much better. Thanks Hyunwoo!

  • coconk

    annyeonghaseyo,, i have download the PDF, but all of that writing in hangeul,, could you tell me how can I get the english,,??

  • cloejoon

    how can i download the pdf???
    when i click on it the next page tells me that theres no pdf available in that link

  • Tanaz Hisham

    Annyeonghaseyo, the PDF folder isn’t working and it’s directing me to a page which doesn’t work. Please try to fix this as fast as possible because I (and many others) really want to understand what the interview is about.

    • The Hallyu Addict

      It’s still not working

  • Kimberly Lopez

    The PDF doesn’t work 🙁

  • Priya kannan

    The pdf page is not working… please fix it:))