[Answer] Lie or Truth? #2


Find out the answer to our 2nd “Lie or Truth?” question video through this video here. Did you guess the right answer? If not, who did you get wrong?

Also, do you want this to be more regular? We are not good actors but we have fun making these. And we hope these help you with your Korean too, by listening to natural Korean. Let us know in the comment!

[Answer] Lie or Truth? #2
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  • I think you guys should make more of these. They’re interesting and fun to figure out who is lying and who is telling the truth. ^^

  • Ginie

    I was so sure Kyeong Eun was the one lying that it didn’t occur to me that others could lie too ^__^
    If you do more of these videos, could you please put korean subtitles too? Though I can grab the general meaning and the english subtitles are really helpful, I love to be able to read the text in korean while listening and repeat then, it really helps to understand the flow and the intonation..
    Thank you for that game, it’s really fun ^__^

    • I agree that Korean subtitles would be awesome. I kept trying to figure out how 석진씨 said he could “stay sober” longer than the others, but even after playing it 20 times and typing various things into Google Translate, I still had no clue. Watching 석진씨 say the same thing that many times is entertaining, but not productive! 🙂

      These videos are great!

    • Traveler222

      I third the request for Korean subtitles, and also hope that there will be more of this series. It’s really enjoyable.

      Last time I got all four right, this time I was fooled by Kyeong Eun and Hyunwoo. Good acting, guys.

    • Hey Jennifer~!
      I was looking around this site :))
      I often recommand this site to my foreign friends. It’s really nice~!
      btw, I’m Korean. I’ll give you the sentences you want to know.
      술자리 있을 때마다(Whenever we drink together)
      거의 제가 마지막까지 정신 멀쩡히 살아있구요
      The sentence you don’t know is second part. right~?
      거의=almost 제가= I am 마지막까지=to the last
      정신=mind/mental 멀쩡히=Clear and definite (state of your mind)
      살아있구요= I’m alive

      So the phrase of ‘stay sober’ will be 정신 멀쩡히 살아있구요.
      It’s not the exact same words. It’s more like ‘My feeling is clearly alive’ But I guess, it doesn’t make sense in English lol XD

      I hope It was helpful :DD

  • Richard

    I thought there was just 1 lie and it must be the beans story – 완전히 잘못!

  • I’d love to see more of these videos! 🙂

  • raminsu

    I was correct except for hyunwoo, if i was correct with him then i would have got both episodes guessed correctly. Hyunwoo is too good in acting.

  • I couldn’t guess everyone…I knew Kyeongeun was lying though. these are nice. you should make more of these. thanks a lot.

  • JW

    우와! 저는 맞았습니다^^
    효진씨! 저도 콩이 정말 싫지만 울는대신 토했어요! ㅠ
    이제 콩을 안 먹어요 ㅋㅋㅋ

  • 아~하! 옛날의 드라마로 Seokjin Jin씨가 많이 와인을 마셔서 취한 씬이 있었지않아요? 그 때 꽤 열심히 마신것죠!? ㅋㅋㅋ

  • Younghoon

    그 때부터 두부조차 못 먹었단 말인가요?

    ‘땅’ 콩도?… ㅋㅋㅋ



    • 신기하게도, 두부는 좋아해요 ^^;;

      땅콩은 먹긴 하지만, 견과류 자체를 좋아하는 편은 아니고,
      ‘팥’도 먹기는 하지만 좋아하는 편은 아니에요. (영어로는 red bean,이라, 그렇게 보면 “bean” 종류를 다 못 먹는 건 아니네요 ^^;;)

      제가 먹지도 못 하는 건, 밥에 들어가는 종류의 콩들이랍니다. 검은콩, 완두콩, 강낭콩 등등 .. ^^;;

  • 아…효진 씨는 진짜이에요? ..틀렸어요ㅠㅠ

  • Anna

    Thank U so much! Could U make more of these videos? Korean subtitles would be very helpful!!!

  • Taemin

    In Youtube it is possible to have multiple subtitles that the viewers can turn on or off. Might I recommend that you use this feature to add separate English and Korean subtitles rather than burning them into the video?

    Here is a guide by some guy on how to do it:
    For his videos he has simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese and English on a single video.

    • Hi Taemin,

      We always get mixed opinions about how to add subtitles to our videos, so we’ve tried both ways, and we’re actually already adding subtitles only on YouTube in our latest videos : )

  • Moe

    How can I guess that u r telling lie. It is very interesting and I was definitely fool with ur actions. ha–ha—-ha—/

  • I loved this! I thought that Hyunwoo and Hyojin were telling the truth! You never know, some people may feel invigorated after doing something like a handstand!