[Ask Hyojin] What is the most common way to say “everyday” in Korean?


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In this episode of “Ask Hyojin”, Hyojin explains what the most common way is to say “everyday”. It depends on the person, but generally, 날마다 and 맨날 are more commonly used in spoken language and 매일 is more commonly used in written language or in more formal situations. There is no difference in the meaning among the three expressions, but if you are in a very formal setting, maybe 맨날 is a little too casual.

For your reference, in standard writing, “맨날” is written as “만날”, but most people still say “맨날”.

[Ask Hyojin] What is the most common way to say “everyday” in Korean?
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  • TKQ

    ‘하루하루’ 어떼요?

  • 하 루 하루 is day by day right?
    매 일 매 일 is everyday? 🙂

  • Aui

    How about 하루 하루, does it also have the same meaning as these three? If so, when is this word more commonly used? If not, could you further differentuliate?감사합니다…

  • 태권도_마틴_불가리아

    Does ‘날마다’ mean ‘with every day; from day to day; day by day’
    날마다 제 한국어 실력은 좋아져요! (Is it correct? I meant: My Korean skills become better from day to day ㅇㅅㅇ) ㅋㅋ 여러분, 좋은 하루 보내세요~! ^_^

  • junezhao

    Thanks for your lesson.And could you tell me the difference between 깜빡했어요 and 잊었어요?

  • Din Mat

    정말 감사해요..

  • Kendall

    This is a good place to point out something, just in case it helps anyone here:
    In English, “every day” (two words) is an adverb, as in “I study Korean every day.”
    “Everyday” (one word) is an adjective, as in “TtMiK is an everyday activity for me.”

    Thanks for the explanation, 효진 쌤!

  • Amylia Ya

    how to say,’ i only look at you?’