[Ask Hyojin] What’s the meaning of 갔다와요?

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In this episode of “Ask Hyojin”, Hyojin explains what the meaning of “갔다와요” is.

갔다와요 literally means “go and come back.” You say this when someone is leaving and you know that person is coming back. In English, people don’t really say “go and come back” so, it can be translated into “Have fun” or “Be careful” or even “See you.”

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[Ask Hyojin] What’s the meaning of 갔다와요?
  • Fanwarrior

    You should have also mentioned that it’s used in the past tense to actually mean I went and came back as in:
    병원에 갔다왔어요.

    it’s unlikely to mean have fun or be careful in this sense.

    • john rambo

      haha, thanks Fanwarrior 🙂

    • Hi, Fanwarrior!

      Thanks for the feedback. 🙂
      But for this video, I wanted to introduce the specific expression “갔다와요.” Not the meaning of “갔다오다.” “갔다와요” as a fixed expression means “Have fun” or “Be careful.”

      But, like you said, the verb “갔다오다” means “to go and come back,” so it can be translated into many other ways too. ^-^

  • Rigo

    Since it ends in 요 then can be used in all kind of situations ?

    • Hi, Rigo!

      Yes, the -요 part makes it formal BUT there is even politer way to say this. “다녀오세요.” 다니다 is a honorific word for 가다. So, 갔다와요 is less polite then 다녀오세요 but still politer than 갔다와.

  • Kaboomer

    Thanks for the lesson!

    • Thank you for studying with us ^-^

  • oduwole james olushola

    I will like to come to your country and learn your language,please kindly contact me.what are the necessary things and tell me what to do.

  • Mike

    Nice little lesson. Useful! Thanks!

  • Awhile ago, my friends told me “고향으로 돌아가는군요” “잘 다녀오세요”
    and I was looking for what 다녀오다 mean but I found this instead. Hahahaha…

    Well… since you already told us that the meaning is similar, I get it now. Thank you Hyojin!^^

  • jxdxhcz

    hi may i know whats the meaning of 퍼왔어요? does it mean ‘posted’ or ‘copied this post’

  • MinSeo

    Hello..may i know the correct meaning of this sentence…?
    잘자고 내일 다시 올게요.