[Ask Hyojin] What’s the meaning of 불금?

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불금 is relatively new slang word which is short for 불타는 금요일.


In English, people say ‘TGIF,’ which is an acronym for Thank God It’s Friday. People express their joy in knowing that the work week is over. 불금 can be used in various ways. You can express how happy you are because it’s Friday by saying “불금이다!” “It’s Friday.” or “TGIF!” Or you can use the word with the verb ‘보내다’ which means to spend time or money. “불금 보내~” it simply means “Have fun!” And of course, you can only say it on Friday.

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[Ask Hyojin] What’s the meaning of 불금?
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  • I love learning these new words you can never find this in a dictionary!!

    Thanks ^^

  • Dale

    생일 축하해요 효진 씨.

  • Good info. Thanks! 🙂

  • Debasish

    Can anyone please tell the meaning and usage of the ending “음 ” ? For example the word 팔요 없음 . We already are aware of 없습니다 or 없어요 but don’t know about the ending “음”. I too often come across these endings.

    • Dale

      I was wondering the same thing, and just guessed it’s a contraction of verb-stem + 면. I suppose it could be a 기 like modifier too, but I would love to hear from one of the teachers.

  • James

    I love these segments, but can you lower the amount of cuts and allow more breathing room in the video? I have to go back every few seconds to hear pronunciation because it too quickly goes into another phrase.

    I try to use these at work and home, so thank you so much.

    • I second that comment ^^ I have to do the same thing !!

  • Oh!! This is cool I’ll say it tomorrow lol ^^

  • Kitty

    What is the difference between 진짜and 정말?

    • Nothing they mean the same thing!! Just use which ever one you feel like ^^ and whichever one flows better with the sentence you create!!

  • Kitty

    What does 다고 mean? I have heard this word in a lot of K-pop songs. I am just curious of the meaning. Thanks!

  • Jonathan

    안녕하세요, 효진 선생님! Can you make a video on choosing to use 있어요 or 이에요/예요? I have asked my Korean friends about it, but they do not seem to be able to explain, and it is confusing. 🙁

  • elisa

    i loveee this phraseeeee. kamsahabnida :]

  • 타일러

    What is the difference between 생선 and 물고기?? Thanks 🙂

    • 한학생

      생선 is fish dish (cooked or raw, as long as you’re going to eat it) and 물고기 fish in general, I think
      물고기를 잡으러 갔다 – I went to catch fish
      생선을 먹어서 맛있네요 – I ate fish and it was delicitious
      생선을 조금 사야겠지 – I guess I should probably buy some fish
      I was told the two are interchangable, but it’s just how the words used more correctly.

  • elham (kara)

    I am iranian but I love korean I will go to kore your web is very useful thank you oooppppaaaaaaaa

  • 쿠키

    불금이다, 여러분 불금 잘 보내세요.

  • Jessy (제시)

    hmmm…so how do you tell someone to ‘have fun!’ when it’s not Friday?

    • Seokjin Jin

      You can say “즐거운 하루 보내세요”. In 반말, I would say “재밌게 놀아”.