[Ask Hyojin] What is 닭살 [dak-sal]?

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Hyojin will answer some of the most commonly asked questions sent to us on Twitter, YouTube, Facebook or via e-mail. Today’s question is “What is 닭살?”.



닭 [dak] = chicken
살 [sal] = flesh, skin
닭살 [dak-sal] = goose bumps
닭살 떨다 [dak-sal tteol-da] = (a couple) to show their affection for each other so much that other people don’t like it
닭살이 돋다 [dak-sa-ri dot-da] = to have goose bumps

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[Ask Hyojin] What is 닭살 [dak-sal]?
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  • 1# Floor ~~~
    New lesson , 수고하셨어요,선생님~~
    It’s the same with Chiense saying `chicken skin` rather than goose bumps~

  • Tresa

    제가 알고싶은 것 하나가 있는데요.” 닭살 떨다” is it used to describe couple who shows affection for each other too much?for eg.닭살을 떨고있다?? or is it used to say what the person feels when he or she sees the couple doing that?

    • Hi, Tresa!

      닭살 떨다 is used to describe those couples.
      For those couples, you can also say this “닭살 커플” meaning “a couple who publicly show their affection. 🙂

  • 하하, 중국에서도 이거로 써요, 닭살 떨다=起鸡皮疙瘩

  • Hahahaha, same in spanish! Goosebumbs is “escalofrios” but also people say that their skin turns like chicken skin xDD

    Good to know! thanks

  • Wow its funny how korean is the same as spanish in this case

    we say ”se me hizo la piel de gallina” that means I got the chicken skin

    lol definitely learned it

    효진씨 고맙습니다!!!!

  • Haha! Last weekend a Korean friend told me he has chicken skin and pointed at the bumps on his arm. It made me laugh and I said, “goosebumps”. Now I understand why he called it chicken skin.

  • Mirae

    I was watching a Korean show the other day and heard this phrase during a quiz round. Do you happen to know the “story/myth” behind why they “think” certain people have 닭살? The guy was explaining it saying something along the lines of ‘They say girls who aren’t even pretty get it when they turn pretty/act pretty.’ I think that’s how they described it. I couldn’t find it searching Naver and was curious if you knew about this tale.

  • David

    Thanks a lot for your lessons! I have a favor to ask.
    To me, learning Korean is best with examples. In that way, I can understand it better.
    Thanks again!

  • mahdi

    hi hyojin I am from Iran I am learning english and I like your country very much hence I like to listen your talk and I learn about your country . I hope to see you later bye

  • Hyunji Klee

    When telling someone you are sorry for making them do something, what is the difference between ~하게 만들어서 미안해요 and 하게 해서 미안해요?

    Thank you for your help!