[Ask Hyojin] What is 빵꾸똥꾸?

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In this Ask Hyojin episode, Hyojin answers the question “What is 빵꾸똥꾸?”

빵꾸 (slang) [ppang-kku]
= 방구 (colloquial) [bang-gu]
= 방귀 (standard) [bang-gwi] = fart

똥꾸 (slang) [ttong-kku]
= anus

Together this is a very childish bad slang word used to refer to something or someone that you don’t like or is bad.

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[Ask Hyojin] What is 빵꾸똥꾸?
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  • Rigo

    Good to know

  • ㅋㅋㅋ

  • mary

    what does 눈에 밟히다 mean?

  • Francis

    ang cute ni teacher Hyojin. ^^

  • It’s childish yeah, but I will find a way to use it!! Keep the Ask Hyojin series its sooo informative 🙂 and funny at times 🙂

  • Mzungu

    “Ask Hyojin” is so helpful and interesting. ^^

    I have a question about “많이 드세요” and “맛있게 드세요”.
    I know the both of them mean “Enjoy your meal” but when I should use it – before or after a meal… and do these sentences have some other meaning??

    Thank you in advance ^^

    • anon

      it’s used before having meal because 드세요 means like have or enjoy. 많이 드세요 literally means eat a lot while 맛있게 드세요 literally means have a delicious meal or eat deliciously or something like that. so i think 많이 드세요 is like inviting people to enjoy more food while 맛있게 드세요 is like enjoy your meal. correct me if im wrong 🙂

  • 김생

    안녕하세요 선생님 오래만이예요
    잘 지내고 있었죠?
    현잰 제가 한국말 많이 연습했지만 잘 하지 못 해서 왜 그래요?
    또한 지금처럼 (빵꾸똥꾸) 이 말은 누구를 화가날 때마다 말할 수 있죠?
    선생님 혹시 저한테 자세히 좀 설명할래요?
    꼭 답변해 주시길 바람니다. 고맙습니다………

  • jr

    ask hyonjin for your korean questions