[Ask Hyojin] Smartphone applications in Korea

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Do you use a smartphone? In Korea, you can see many people on their smartphones on the street, in the bus, in the subway, etc. While different people use different types of smartphone applications, there are several very common apps that many Korean people use. In this episode of Ask Hyojin, joined by Ben, Hyojin talks about some of the most widely-used smartphone applications in Korea. Enjoy!

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[Ask Hyojin] What does “카톡해요?” mean?

As Hyojin and Ben said in the video, KakaoTalk is one of the most famous smartphone apps in Korea. Instead of calling it as its full name, 카카오톡(KakaoTalk), people often just shorten it and call it 카톡(KaTalk). Since there are a number of people use the app, there are quite a few related sentences or phrases you can use with 카카오톡 or 카톡. Learn what you can say with 카톡 in this Ask Hyojin video! [Ask Hyojin] What does “카톡해요?” mean?.

[Ask Hyojin] Smartphone applications in Korea
  • just4cafe

    Hi Hyojin, it’s really good to let us know what popular apps are used in Korea, but….why in the end of program, you didn’t mentioned about the TV app? I would like to watch TV on my phone or download some program puting into my phone to wacth…especailly I am korean learner I would like to have korean subtitle on it. Would you please let us know? ta

  • rigo

    Nice applications , the one i always use is naver dictionary
    That’s one of the best things ever