[Ask Hyojin] How much Konglish do you understand?

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How familiar are you with Konglish? A lot of Korean learners often find it difficult to spell or understand Konglish words.  However, when you learn Korean,  sometimes you hear some broken English expressions commonly used in Korean, or a foreign word pronounced like a Korean word. So, in this Ask Hyojin episode, Hyojin and Ben introduces some commonly used Konglish words and show you how to spell them as well.

Enjoy the video:D

If you have any questions that you’d like Hyojin to answer in the next episode, leave them in the comment below! You can also browse through and watch all the episodes of Ask Hyojin here!

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And if want to learn some more Korean slang expressions that were not covered in this lesson, please check out our “Slang Expressions in Korean” e-book, accompanied with 20 full-length audio lessons and detailed expressions! You can get it here on our store. The slang expressions introduced in this e-book include 간지 나다, 고고싱, 강추, 땡땡이, 열라, 짱나, 안습, 노가다, 농땡이, 대박, 빡세다 and many more! Get this e-book to learn to understand these slang expressions!

Korean Dialect Lessons

Enjoy learning slang expressions? Maybe you will find our dialect lessons fun to watch as well! Learn how people in Busan talk in their dialect through the dialect series.

[Ask Hyojin] How much Konglish do you understand?
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  • 라넬

    효진 씨 how do Koreans pick their English name? 고맙습니다 : )

  • Serdar Tavus

    where is the video O.o ?

    • Hi 🙂 I see the video up there. Is the video still missing?

  • Fırat Oktav

    omo.. video opsoyo : /

    • Hi, Firat!

      Sorry for the inconvenience! Do you still not see the video on this page?

  • Rigo

    There seems to be a problem with the video

    • Hi, Rigo!

      Do you still have the same problem with the video now? 🙂

  • Hiba

    this is very helpful ^^ thank you very very much you’re the best *-*
    I’m from Algeria and I’m trying to learn Korean :p the funny thing is you started with gag concert xDD I always watch it on KBS World x)
    keep up *Fighting*

  • Joel

    Actually, 아파트 is different from ‘apartment’. An 아파트 (in Korea) is the entire building that has several apartments in it. In English, this is called an “apartment building”. 원룸, 투룸, 전세집, 월세집 등 단순히 ‘apartment'(美)이나 ‘flat'(英)이라고 하고 그 건물은 ‘apartment building’이라고 합니다.

    • Hiba

      oh really !! thank you ^^ that’s interesting