[Ask Hyojin] Old Korea vs. New Korea – Part. 1

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Do you know what life was like when your parents were young or when your grandparents were young? Things have changed a lot in Korea in a very short time. Korea’s compressed growth in economy caused massive changes in many different aspects in Korean people’s lives.

In this episode of Ask Hyojin, Hyojin and Hyunwoo sat down and talked about their childhoods and their parents’ childhoods, and how things have been changing.

Enjoy the video and tell us about what things have changed in the last 50 years in your country. 

If you have any questions that you’d like Hyojin to answer in the next episode, leave them in the comment below! You can also browse through and watch all the episodes of Ask Hyojin here!

Korean Numbers (from Basic Counting to Calculations)

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[Ask Hyojin] Old Korea vs. New Korea – Part. 1
  • Manuth Chek

    저의 나라는 (캄보디아) 좋은 시간하고 나쁜 시간 있어요.

  • Luis David Lopez

    어린이집 is “daycare” or “after-school care” in English 😉

  • Kathy Wang

    woooow…your English is so good. I can’t believe that you went to another county when you 25 years old.