[Ask Hyojin] Cost of Living in Korea

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How much money do you usually spend a month? We’ve got a lot of questions about prices in Korea, so in this episode of Ask Hyojn, Hyojin is joined by Keith and Hyunwoo to explain what is relatively cheap or expensive in Korea.

Enjoy the video and let us know what the prices are like in your country compared to Korea!

If you have any questions that you’d like Hyojin to answer in the next episode, leave them in the comment below! You can also browse through and watch all the episodes of Ask Hyojin here!

[Ask Hyojin] Cost of Living in Korea
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  • Chanel Oliver

    I live in Virginia Beach, Virginia. And the cost of living is a little higher than in Korea, but in some ways the same.
    Public transportation= 1.50
    Gas (right now)= 3.00 a gallon
    Food (with coupons)= affordable
    Rent= 600-1500 a month
    Car = expensive
    Clothes= affordable
    So, living here takes lots of money… lol.

  • Brian

    So keeping the prices of cheap and expensive things in mind…. What would be a monthly salary that would allow you to live comfortably in Korea? How much does the average person in Korea make?

  • rigo

    interesting topic, i would like to know about medical care and insurance

    • Rigo,
      Korea has a government health plan. You will pay abut $70 a month for it. After that, both doctor visits and medicine are very cheap–like less than $10 for a doctor visit. …prescription drugs just a few dollars.

  • Brian, if you are going to teach English you will earn about $2200 dollars a month PLUS free housing, which is worth about $600 a month. Your taxes are very low. I had a great time in Korea, and I saved about $1000 a month + my severence and social security security refund….saved $15,000 a year easily on this salary.

    • Brian

      Ryan, Thanks for the reply.
      I’m in the Military right now and have that exact same deal, free housing and a salary where I can put about 1000 a month away; but I’m not exactly living comfortably— I have to cook most of my own meals and watch my budget pretty carefully.

  • Singh Bhim

    Hi talk to me in korean team. Im migrant worker for here and im regular listener n viewer of yours prograns. i watched out cust of living in korea. Once time hyunoo said that in korea per month we can use unlimited data in wibro only cust of 5000 won. i want to know which telecome provides. ok waiting your respons.

    Thank you.

  • Just sharing. Almost everything is more expensive than things in Indonesia. Hehehe…
    We use Indonesian Rupiah though, but I’ll explain with Korean won to make it easier. 😉

    Transportation here is very cheap. Around 250 won for shuttle taxi (similar with DRT in UK, Dollar Van/Jitney in US, or maybe Minibus in other countries). For train, the cheapest one is 700 won for 150km or more! Yahoo~!! The more comfortable one is around 3,000 won for around 300km travel. And the morst expensive and comfortable is around 30,000 won for around 1,000km travel. 3 hours travel in bus is around 1,500~2,000 won.

    Food and Beverages
    A cup of coffee is around 200~1,500 won, and in a luxurious restaurants’ coffee is around 4,000~10,000 won. In school/university area food can be as cheap as 800 won/meal! Hahaha… But usually people spend around 2,000~4,000 won/meal. Top cap is around 10,000 won/meal.

    Real Estate
    I don’t know much but there’s a 15*8 m empty lot near my house, the price is 200,000,000 won.

    Got to admit that Korean Internet is much cheaper. For around 8 people office/home we usually pay around 30,000~50,000 won/month. A wireless modem is cheaper, the cheapest but slow one is around 5,000 won/month, but usually we pay around 10,000 won/month.

    This part is the most shocking. Really? 100,000 won? A week ago I buy 5 mangoes for 600 won. lol
    Ah also, Melon is 200 won/kg here right now. 😉