[Ask Hyojin] Living outside of Seoul in Korea

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When people think about living in Korea, a lot of people think of living in Seoul. Seoul is the biggest and probably the busiest city with the biggest population in Korea. More people bring more business, so there are more shops, cultural events, etc., which can be one of the many perks of living in Seoul compared to living in other parts of Korea. However, more people also mean more traffic and possibly more troubles. Some people prefer to live in Seoul and some prefer to choose other cities.

In this episode of Ask Hyojin, Hyojin is joined by Hyunwoo who was born and raised in Gwangju, and Janelle who is originally from the US and spent three years in Daejeon to talk about pros and cons of living outside of Seoul. Enjoy!

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[Ask Hyojin] Cost of Living in Korea
Do you think living in your country is cheap or expensive compared to living in other country? Do you think it’s cheaper or more expensive living in Korea? Of course living expenses can vary depending on your lifestyle and which part of a country you live, but we hope this episode of Ask Hyojin can help you to give you a basic idea of cost of living in Korea. Enjoy! [Ask Hyojin] Cost of Living in Korea.

[Ask Hyojin] Living outside of Seoul in Korea