[Ask Hyojin ]What does “카톡해요?” mean?

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If you have a Korean friend, you might have heard about a smartphone application, 카카오톡 or 카톡.

In this Ask Hyojin epsiode, Hyojin and Keith explain what “카톡해요?” means, and talk about 카카오톡 and how Korean people use the app.

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[Ask Hyojin ]What does “카톡해요?” mean?
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  • pintara

    it’s really helpful ! i’ve made friend with some Korean guys and we chat via skype,facebook. they asked me if i can kakaotalk but my phone doesn’t have this app. :[ . We chat using both Korean and E .i’m studying Korean at beginner stage so it’s pretty good for me. i’m following u guys ,keep hwighting ~(is it true? :> ). by the way, can i ask a side question. Is Sky phone a good and realiable cellphone to use in Korea ? i wanna buy one .Many thanks ^-^

    • Hey Pintara, thanks for studying with us! Keep it up! And I think SKY phones are not a mainstream brand but it really depends on what you need from a phone 🙂

  • CiU

    Hello, I’m trying to learn korean, I love to meet new people so if you want to comunicate with me you can ka-talk me: ulrikalalala ^^
    Cya, chu~

  • Yu-mei

    성생님 안녕하세요!저 TTMIK에서 공부 하고 있어요.지금은 level 4이에요.너무 감사하고 열심히 공부할거예요.
    I would like to know what’s the difference among겁나다,겁내다and겁먹다.They seem to have the same meaning of “to be fear”.I would like to know their usage(writing or oral…etc).감사합니다^^

    • Hi Yu-mei ; )

      겁나다, 겁내다, 겁먹다 are very similar, but 겁나다 is more about how the circumstance makes you feel, whereas 겁내다 and 겁먹다 are results of your choice.

      So you can say to someone who is ‘겁나다’ not to 겁내다 or 겁먹다 🙂

    • Shortly 겁나다 is “to be afraid” and the other two are “to fear” 🙂
      descriptive vs action verb. Like 좋다 and 좋아하다.

    • Yu-mei

      감사합니다for your explainations!!So I can use 겁나다such as
      우리 강아지 폭축 때문에 겁난 것 같아요. Am I getting it right?
      Thank you again for wasting your time^^

    • Yes, or 우리 강아지가 폭죽을 겁낸 것 같아요 – he fears the petard
      or 우리 강아지가 (폭죽에) 겁먹은 것 같아요 – he got scared (by the petard)
      우리 강아지가 (폭죽 때문에) 겁난 것 같아요 – he is scared (because of the petard).
      겁먹다 looks like falls into passive voice category.
      waste it.. no problem.

    • Yu-mei

      자세한 설면 너무 감사합니다^^
      다른 것 잘 알았어요.

  • amy

    hey 🙂 , I would like to know what’s the meaning of 친하게 지내요… i know its like “nice to meet you” ….
    so what’s the difference between 친하게 지내요 and 만나서 반갑습니다 ?
    thanks ^^

    • Sasipa

      친하다 is ‘to be close’ as in ‘close friends’
      So it kinda mean ‘let’s get along well’ 🙂

  • Sasipa

    제가 방금 모든 레슨 다! 공부했었어요…
    그러니까 아제 선생님들께 고맙다는 말씀 드리고 싶거든요.
    덕분에 제가 한국말로 좀 의사소통할 수 있는데요..
    재미있게 공부하게 해주셔서….한국에대해서 다양한 내용 알려져서…문화, 생활 등등
    이리 훌륭한 사이트 만들어져서 정말 정말 고맙습나당!! ^^

    스승님이 (?) 창피하시지 않도록 그런 한국말 하겠습니다!

    앞으로도 화이팅하세용!

  • Tobiii

    감사함니다 선생님.

    질문 한 개 있어요. “아니라” 무슨 뜻이예요?

    • It’s like when you say “it’s not abc but xyz”, or just short of 아니라서(요) – “because it is not”.

      For example…
      이 사이트의 색깔이 빨간색이 아니라 다소 자주색이다. But this is like when you want to correct someone. Otherwise you link with 아니고. But I’m not sure. I was corrected several times from 아니라 to 아니고 but didn’t think about it.

      The other case is short of 아니라서, like:
      도독을 쫓아가지 않았어. 경찰이 아니라. I didn’t pursue the thief. Because I’m not a policeman. Like that.
      With verbs you got 아/어(서) with nouns (이)라(서) or 이어서

    • Tobiii

      Hi Greg!

      Thanks for your explanation. It helped me a lot^^

  • Tian

    Hi Hyunwoo,

    I just attended your lecture at the TaLK Program. Awesome job! I was wondering, now that I’m placed in my province and I don’t have phone number (but my Kakao works with access to wifi), how do I ask someone such as my mentor teacher/landlord for their Kakao ID? They always try to give me their phone number which never works for my phone for some reason or they try to give me their email. The only other option is their specific Kakao ID they made for themselves. Can you help? Thanks! – Tian

    • Jeff


      I hope you enjoy your time teaching and living in Korea.
      To ask somebody what their Kakaotalk ID is, you can say:
      “카톡 아이디 뭐예요?”

      But, keep in mind that the person may not have set up an ID. You only have to do that if you want to buy emoticons and themes, or if you change phones and want to transfer all of your kakaotalk info to the new phone. When you first set up the app, you just use your phone number. Anyway, good luck!

  • 라핲김

    Hi ..
    Can I make account in 카톡해요 on my iPad without sim .. I mean without number ,?!

    I’ll be thankfulllll for you if you help me ..

  • đan thủy mai

    “어올리길” what does it mean? Please help me. Thankzz 🙂

  • riina

    Hello, I’m Riina and 23 years old and come from Germany. I love kpop music and wants to after Korea, and learn, learn the language, the culture. I would appreciate nice korean, korea because me very interested ^^ Please write to me.

    • Seokjin Jin

      Thanks for having interests in our culture. 🙂

  • ann

    I want to learn korean language. Everything is nice. Their foods, language, drama, music, actist, history. So love it

  • Kim Min Ah

    DO you have snapchat account *close friend*