[Ask Hyojin] Why do Korean people always ask your blood type?

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Did you know that your blood type can tell you something about your personality? You might not belive this, but it is a very popular concept here in korea. In Korea, people believe that there are specific personality traits associated with a perosons blood type. In this Ask Hyojin Episode, Hyojin and Terris explain why Korean people like to ask other people about their blood types, and the qualities that are associated with each blood type based on this concept.

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[Ask Hyojin] Why do Korean people always ask your blood type?
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  • Cesar

    Terris he is great, really nice guy. Do more videos with him 🙂

    I’m O, and I’m exactly like you guys said hehe

  • 아틸라

    “B형 남자 친구” 영화를 보세요! 🙂 코메디예요! 🙂

  • Adrian

    What I am blood type B but I am not self centered!!! O.O! oh wow judged just from the blood.

  • Adrian

    But great informative video! Enjoyed it!

  • Maxime

    Thanks for this video, I was always wondering why they want to know :-).
    But I don’t believe in it. We just discussed this in our biology class a couple days ago, and our teacher told it wasn’t true.

  • sam

    THX every body-it was perfect-I dont believe this too but it was always a question for me-thank you for the answer.further more Terris was perfect

  • Selin

    I enjoyed the video ^^ I normally don’t believe in this kind of stuff but I’m blood type AB and the things you said really describes me 😀

  • Rian

    I dont believe it exactly.. but when i try to searching information about that and compare my personality with it.. i think, most of it describe my personality…. B blood type

  • Wulan

    OMG.. I just watch this.. AB is complicated? All I can say is.. Life can be complicated for sometime for some people.. LOL
    But yeah, I believe that blood type has related towards people character.. in general..
    I enjoy this video session.. quiet cheerful and also informative.. thanks’s

  • Debz

    I have no idea what my blood type is but based on this video I’d either be type A or AB.

  • It’s extremely helpful for me. Massive thumbs up for this weblog post!

  • Hope

    As far as I know am O hyeong but I don’t really fit strongly with the stereotypical description of an O hyeong person. Mostly because I am quite irritable. /looking sheepish/

  • H

    I enjoy watching these kinds of fun fact videos.
    I’m not sure if I fit with the description of AB. I am hot tempered but not sure about being rational. I also would not want to take that seriously though.

    • You don’t need to take it seriously. My character is also different from the B type which they talked about.