[Ask Hyojin] What is “대한민국”?

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Do you know the name of Korea in Korean? Yes, it’s 한국. But did you know that there’s another way to call Korea in Korean? 대한민국 is a more formal name of Korea. If you are talking about Korea in a rather formal situation, how about calling it 대한민국 instead of calling it 한국? Or, you can also hear this name when people cheer for the Korean national team at sport matches such as the World Cup or the Olympics.

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[Ask Hyojin] What is “대한민국”?
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  • Brian

    The video’s privacy setting won’t allow it to play right now, but I’ll check back later.

  • I was familiar with this before watching, but I had to watch any way ^^
    It’s such a joy to see what you guys are doing (and obviously a HUGE help)
    It also made my day to see Hyunwoo in the background XD

  • Leonardo

    대사관에 대한민국이라고 봤어요. 🙂

  • Yesenia

    대한민국 Is Republic of Korea in english No? Republica de Corea in Spanish XD

  • Nadeeyeah

    i heard of this before but i always assumed it to be

    대 = (lit.) great
    한 = (lit.) Korea
    민국= (lit.) people’s country = republic

    Hence, 대한민국 = (Great) Republic of Korea… \(‘v’)/

  • lexromah

    Not only 대한민국 and 한국. There are 남한 – South Korea and 북한 – North Korea also. 남 – South, 북 – North.

  • Criss

    대~~한민 국 ta tat~ ta tat ta …. 대~~한민 국 ta tat~ ta tat ta ….

    in matches people screaming like that 😛

  • Sebastián

    I did see you Hyunwoo 😛 (0:25~030)