[Ask Hyojin] What is 눈에 밟히다?


Have you heard of this expression, “눈에 밟히다”? It literally means that something is “stepped upon” by eyes. And of course you know that you can’t take the meaning literally. Find out what 눈에 밟히다 means and what kind of situations it can be used in through this Ask Hyojin video.

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[Ask Hyojin] What is 눈에 밟히다?
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  • Rina

    TTMIK’s lessons 눈에 밟히요 ^0^

    *is that correct??*

    • Hyoen

      눈에 밟혀*요! 😉

    • Camilo

      I don’t think so. 눈에 밟혀요. is the correct form of that verb. since 밟히다 ends with an ㅣ vowel you can just add ㅕ and 요 if is the case:


      another case could be 걸리다 It also ends with ㅣ 걸려요.
      감기에 걸려요.

      Hope it would help you ^^

    • rina

      omo!! i forgot those rules *checking level 1 lesson 16*

      ….but shouldn’t it be with 어요??
      TTMIK’s lessons 눈에 밟허요, coz when i review the lesson, 여요 is paired with verb stem 하, right??

      Correct me if I’m wrong

    • Rina

      Ooopppsss… sorry that’s my mistake..

      이+어=여, right?

  • rigo

    very interesting

  • 우와 이 표현을 알려주셔서 생유 베리 감사합니당 ^.^*
    I had a Korean question. What does 자신과 싸우다 mean? In what situations is it used?

    • CJ

      Literally 자신과 싸우다 means to have a fight with yourself.
      There are a lot of rivals who you have to be against to get much higher position. However above all, you have to get over your limit to accomplish something before you compete against others. So we say ” fight against yourself not against the others”

  • nice

  • Well…I have comments and questions.

    Q: Is the “J” silent in Jogeumiyo? And does it mean “Just a little?”

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