[Ask Hyojin] Which one is correct? 불고기 2인분 주세요 or 불고기 두 분 주세요.

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불고기 2인분 주세요. or 불고기 두 분 주세요.
Can you guess which one is correct? In this epsiode of “Ask Hyojin,” Hyojin gives you the correct answer and explains how they are different.

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[Ask Hyojin] Which one is correct? 불고기 2인분 주세요 or 불고기 두 분 주세요.
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  • From the little we can see, what I like most about the TTMIK office is the totally AWESOME chairs.. 😛

  • Jindo

    1.If 분 is to count people what is 명 for?
    2. Should I use sino-korean for drinks too? 맥주 이병 or 맥주 두병?

    • 1. 분 is honorific way to say 명. 🙂 명 is casual and more general word you use to count people.
      2. Yes 🙂 맥주 두 병 is correct.

  • Jenn

    How totally cool. I listened to this lesson this morning, and was surprised by it, because I had no idea I should use sino-Korean numbers for things like “servings.” This evening, I’m working hard on preparing dishes for a big dinner. I opened a package of 청정미역 (dried seaweed) and I noticed it said 100g at the bottom, and below that was 40일분. My first thought was, “hmm, that’s weird, I thought Korea used the metric system too.” A split second later, I realized, “Holy ***, I know what that says.” Thanks for an awesome moment!

    • 40인분 ?? :O
      How many servings of food did you cook?

  • Jake

    Is it possible to say 불고기 둘 주세요 or is it wrong?

  • hestina

    이 비디오 중국에서 나오지 못해요. youku로 올 주세요.

  • Daniel

    What does 음 mean as in 했음, 있음, 없음, 등?

    • Greg

      In some cases replace ~는 것 to make verbal noun phrase,
      For example: 한국어 공부함이 좋아요 = 공부하는 게(것이) 좋아요 – I like to study.
      그 사람이 언제 춤 얼마나 잘 췄음을 봤어요? = 그 사랑이 언제 춤 얼마나 잘 춘 걸(것을) 봤어요? – Did you see how well that man danced yesterday?
      But I think it’s sometimes bit weird, so ~는것 is more common in spoken at least.

      Sometimes just verbal noun, but these words are standard, like 삶(살다), 잠(자다), 춤(추다), 가르침(가르치다) 등등.. not all verbs create the expected meaning in the noun form though. I once said 고침(고치다), to mean “correction”, and it turned out to be some kind of “high pillow”, or “refresh” (internet page in the browser).. So you just have to remember the words.

      It’s also use as ending on sign messages, and often in internet chats, because it’s short. Doesn’t mean you should do it too though.. 🙂 It’s generally 반말 casual

  • 불고기 두 분 주세요. It can also mean … Bulgogi for two please …?

    • Greg

      I don’t know about that, but it’s usually 불고기 이인분 주세요, 삼인분을 주세요, 갈비 일인분을 추가해 주세요 etc..
      일인분 lit. “one man part” or something like that, shortly a serving. The word made of Chinese words, so you use Chinese numbers.

  • Satoko

    Before I watched this video, I learned a little bit how to order in Korean.
    The textbook says: ” 김치 하나, 불고기 하나 주세요.”
    Is that ok? It uses native-Korean number, though?

    • Well, there are no grammatical mistakes.

      불고기 하나 is subtle. It can mean a piece of 불고기 or a pack of 불고기.

      I would say 불고기 1인분, or 불고기 1근(≒600 g, 1.323 lbs) , Korean unit of weight.

    • Satoko

      a-ha, I see.
      Thank you for your replying:-)