[Ask Hyojin] What is 회식?

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Do you like to hang out with your coworkers after work, or do you enjoy gatherings where people drink a lot? A lot of Korean companies still have a strong 회식 culture, and not everybody enjoys going to one these days. In this video 효진 and Terris explain what 회식 is and what people usually do during a 회식.

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[Ask Hyojin] What is 회식?
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  • 예룬

    안녕하세요. I was wondering if 회식 is something to be worried about.

    Let me explain. I have a very good friend in South-Korea and she will graduate in a year or two. The thing is, she doesn’t drink alcohol at all and she doesn’t like the idea of 회식. But since Koreans think it’s so important, I’m afraid she will -have- to go to them or risk losing her job. Would they really force her to drink alcohol till the point that she nearly falls over? Actually, do they even force you to drink alcohol when you clearly state that you don’t drink alcohol? Isn’t it enough to be there in person and perhaps eat something and drink a glass of water or something? It would be great if she could find a place where this isn’t necessary, but I don’t think that’s very common yet.


    • Ahn No Eul

      I guess she is the one who shoud or shouldn’t be worried about it…
      Anyways.. it really depends on the company.. But if she is a foreigner it is however unlikely she will be literally forced to.

  • micha

    i like this korean but i realy lovrs pilipino

  • Julian Barnes

    Good lesson. I think its good to have both a native speaker and a non-native speaker on these things because they’ll ask the same questions we would.

  • James Chong

    Okay. Here is a question for Hyojin. After watching countless Korean dramas, Korean guys seem to get jealous quite easily, or they seem quite possessive of their women. Is that really the case?