[Ask Hyojin] How to say “Have a safe flight” and “Take care” in Korean?

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In this episode of “Ask Hyojin”, Hyojin explains how to say “Have a safe flight” and “Take care” in Korean.

to be safe = 안전하다

flight = 비행

So the translation can be “안전한 비행 되세요!” or “안전한 비행 하세요!” But in more natural Korean, you don’t really say that. When their friends go abroad on an airplane, people say “여행 잘 다녀와.” more commonly. 여행 means “trip”, 잘 means “well” and 다녀와 means “Go and come back”.

“Take care” can be translated to “몸 조심해. (Be careful. Take care of your health.)” or “잘 지내. (Be happy and live well)” but it’s only when you say good-bye to someone you will not see for a long time. If you just want to say “take care” more casually, you can simply say “안녕”.

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[Ask Hyojin] How to say “Have a safe flight” and “Take care” in Korean?
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  • 고마워요 효진씨! ^^

  • thetrystero

    is it possible for the ‘ask hyojin’ series to go back to being video based as opposed to blog based like the first one or two episodes? i found it much more personal and hence better for learning.

  • Rigo

    Good phrases to know , thanks

  • marie Kilbane

    How can I learn write those deep handwriting? is thier any other way for me to learn like amercian words?

  • Ahhh this was perfect! It’s really useful especially for those of us who have international friends haha~

    Hyojin did a great job ^^

  • Sajeda

    isn’t 안녕 means Hello Or Hi ?/

    • It is close to “Hi”. 🙂

    • It literally translates to “peace” and can be used to mean both “hi” and “bye”.
      Sort of like “salam” in Arabic. ^^

    • ak

      basically 안녕 can be used when greeting and when sayin bye ..

  • (막) 방금 하고 아까 어떻게 사용해요 느낌이 비슷해서 설명해 주세요 ^-^”

    • “아까”가 “방금”보다 더 먼 과거예요.

      예를 들어 찬 씨가 길을 가다가 연예인를 봤어요.
      너무 신기해서 바로 친구한테 전화를 걸어 이 상황을 얘기하고 싶을 때.

      “나 방금 연예인봤어!” 라고 하는 게 더 어울려요.
      “아까”를 써도 틀린 문장은 아니예요.

  • 감사합니다 진석진 씨!
    (-_-“) 전 외국인이라서 복잡해요.

  • panda

    black color: 까만색 or 검장색?><

    • Seokjin Jin

      까만색 or 검정색
      Well, you can use both but 까만색 sounds quite casual. Normally, it will be safe to use 검정색 in any situation.

  • Nariko

    But if you would want to say Have a safe flight to a person that you don´t know well and is going away. (for example, someone was on a trip to Germany, but now he/she is leaving back to Korea). Would you say 비행기 잘타고 갔다와요 then?

  • Sabrina

    And How would you say that or ” Have a nice trip! ” to the korean passengers? (I’m working at the airport

    • Sandie Grilli

      I would like to know as well how to send off a passenger to their flight. I work at the airport too but I cannot find any airport vocabulary online. Has anyone answered you yet?

  • Olesya

    When you need to tell someone the words of some other person, what is the correct variant?
    안나가 쌤 잘 가라고 해요 / 가래요.
    안나가 쌤 안전한 비행 되라고 해요.

    이상하지 않아요?

  • Anzu

    “안잠” 은 워예요? ? Is it a slang words..