Basic Make-up Terms in Korean (+ WishTrend Giveaway!)


Learn Korean vocabulary about make-up and participate in the giveaway by reading the sample sentences out loud, filming it, and leaving it as a video response!

Basic Make-up Terms in Korean
make-up = 화장
to put on/wear make-up = 화장을 하다, 화장하다
to put on a lot of make-up = 화장을 진하게 하다
to put on a little make-up, to wear not much make-up = 화장을 연하게 하다
eye makeup = 눈 화장
blush = 볼터치, 블러셔
to remove make-up = 화장을 지우다

Sample Sentences
오늘 화장 했어요? = Did you wear make-up today?
제 친구들은 항상 화장을 진하게 해요. = My friends a lot of make-up all the time.
오늘 눈 화장이 예쁘네요. = Your eye make-up looks pretty today.
화장은 하는 것보다 지우는 것이 더 중요해요. = When it comes to make-up, it is more important to remove it than it is to wear it.
어려 보이려고 볼터치를 했어요. = To look young, I applied blush.

You can submit your video from August 17, 2012 through August 24, 2012 (Korean Standard Time).

1st Prize : 3-piece makeup brush set (1 person)
2nd Prize : $10 coupon for (20 people)
3rd Prize : $5 coupon for (all the participants)


The winners will be announced on August 31, 2012 on The winners will all be individually contacted as well.

Have fun!!

Basic Make-up Terms in Korean (+ WishTrend Giveaway!)
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