Event | 2011 Boryeong Mud Festival | 23rd July 2011


Have you heard of the Boryeong Mud Festival (보령 머드 축제) in Korea? The Boryeong Mud Festival is an annual festival that the city of Boryeong hosts during the summer and the festival has attracted over 2 million visitors to Boryeong so far. It’s a fun event, and we, the TalkToMeInKorean staff, are going to go there on the 23rd of July, 2011 as well! We’ve prepared a round trip bus for you, so we hope some of our listeners can accompany us to Boryeong!

1. Date: July 23rd (Sat), 2011

2. Maxium number of participants: 14 people
We will close RSVP when the first 14 people pay their participation fee.

3. Participation fee: 10,000 won (transportation + lunch + water: all included)
– Round trip transportation by coach (between Seoul and Boryeong)
– Lunch box
– Water

4. The fee doesn’t include: shower, locker, personal expenses (for using water sports or some special facilities), traveler’s insurance

5. You will need : swim suit and extra clothes (Please note that your swim suit or clothes can be disclored.) + toiletries + sun block

6. RSVP in the event page and wire your fee to:


Korean Back Account: (10,000 won)
– Bank: 우리은행 (Woori Bank)
– Acct Holder: 김현정 (Hyeonjeong Kim)
– Acct No.: 1002-136-381314

PayPal: (10 US dollars)
– ever4one@gmail.com

7. This is a single-day trip.
Participants will meet at 6:50 AM at exit #3 of Jonggak Station in Seoul and arrive back in Seoul at 8:20 PM.

Please note that
1. Since the bus driver will lock up the bus and won’t be around, it’s recommended to use a locker (KRW 500~5,000) rather than putting your stuff in the bus.
2. Using the shower facility will cost you 2,000 won. But if you want to use hot water, it will cost you 5,000 won.

Click here and check out more pictures from the Festival!

Looking forward to traveling with you!

Event | 2011 Boryeong Mud Festival | 23rd July 2011
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  • 乨奕

    온재 재가 한국에 온 것입니다 …

  • 아 내 이름 보령이다!ㅋㅋ
    말레이시아에 있는 보령이는 보령에 가지 못해서 너무 아까워요!ㅋㅋㅋ
    다음에 꼭 한국보령에 가보고 싶어요!

    다들 재밌게 놀어세요!^^

  • Andy

    oh no!! I’m going on the 16th July!! I return to the UK on the 23rd!! My korean is very poor. Have fun at the festival 🙂

  • Mollye

    It looks totally AWESOME! Something else i’ll do one day ^^