TTMIK Goes Bowling – 볼링장에 다녀왔어요!

여러분은 볼링 치러 가면 점수가 보통 몇 점 정도 나오나요? What is your average score in a bowling game? We are quite bad at it… in fact, we are terrible at bowling, but we still enjoyed having a nice friendly game among the three of us and we also enjoyed filming this for you! We hope you enjoy studying with this video! You can get the e-book containing a full transcript, translation, and vocab list on our store: 감사합니다!

“Bowling” is written and pronounced as 볼링 in Korean, and there used to be more bowling alleys in Korea, but now, probably because there are a wider range of hobbies available, there aren’t as many bowling places as before. But we wanted to see who among the team is the best (and the worst) when it comes to bowling, so we went to a nearby bowling alley to have this match!

You can get the full transcript, translation and vocab list in the e-book, available at:

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TTMIK Goes Bowling – 볼링장에 다녀왔어요!
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  • Christian

    It seems it’s not Pierrot Strike… Where is it? I wanna go Bowling to at an other place than Pierrot Strike…

    • Colin

      looks like the one in Hongdae