[Video] TTMIK Talk – Bus vs. Subway


Buses and the subway are an essential part of everyday life for most people living in big cities in Korea, including Seoul. To talk about this topic, 효진 and 경은 went out to take a bus, and then the subway.

Subtitles are available in English, Korean, Chinese, Hebrew and Spanish for this video.

Chinese translations by Rosalind Ong

Hebrew translations by Hila

Spanish Translations by Javi Maldonado

Thank you for studying with us!


[Video] TTMIK Talk – Bus vs. Subway
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  • Dakota D

    I agree with you 경은, the subway is better 🙂

    I just moved to Seoul 3 weeks ago and have used both, and most of the time the subway has worked out better. However, a lot depends on where you are going. I just went to Bundang this week and it was way easier to take the bus; it took one-third of the time that the subway would have taken. But another important point is that for those of us who are not yet fluent in Korean, the subway is much easier because it has plenty of English!!!

    비디오가 진짜 좋았어요 🙂 감사합니다!

  • Vincent

    저는 지하철을 너무 좋아하는데 저 사는 곳에서 버스 밖에 없어요.
    파리에가면 저기서는 지하철을 타는게 좋아요 ~ 하지만 파리의 지하철이 서울의 지하철보다 더 더러운 것 같아요 ~

    진짜로 재미있는 비디오예요
    TTMIK 선생님이 수고하세요 ~

  • anjella nada

    i like buses more , may be because i use it every day to go to school actually it has some disadvantages but it stays cooooooool for me :p

  • Samier

    사실 지하철을 타 본 적이 없어요 ㅠㅠ;;; 근데 하지만 난 지하철 시도하는 것이 좋아요.
    작은 도시 살고 있는데 나는 보통 운전해요. ^^;;;

    그 비디오는 너무 좋아! 한국어와 영어 자막 사이의 전환했어요 ㅎㅎㅎ


  • superpit

    저는 지하철에 한표!! 지하철을 완전 좋아해요. 저는 최 선생님처럼 멀미가 심하니까 버스를 타기가 힘들어요. 또한 지하철역에서 걸어다니는 거 좋아서요 ^^

  • Simon

    저도 경은 씨와 같이 버스가 막 흔들리고 자꾸 멎었다 가서 책 읽거나 스마트폰 쓰면 멀미 나기 시작해요.

    그리고 버스 몇 대 동시에 정류장에 도착하는 경우가 많잖아요. 그럴 때 타야 될 버스 빨리 알아보고 빨리 타야 돼요. 그래서 생산적인 일도 못 하고 불안하고 답답할 때가 많아요.

    반면에는 지하철 타면 마음이 편해요. 좀 특이한지 모르겠지만 저는 지하철 플랫폼 아니면 지하철 안에 방송되는 징글 듣기 되게 좋아요. 뭐..예를 들어…지하철 이제 들어온다는 거….다음 역 환승역인 거 표시하는 징글들이예요. 그리고 지하철은 버스보다 넓고 밝아서 더 편하죠. 그래서 지하철에 사람이 아무리 가득 차 있어도 답답한 느낌이 안 들어요.

    • Simon 씨! 한국말 정말 잘하시네요. 저도 Simon 씨랑 똑같은 느낌이에요! 지하철에 사람이 아무리 많아도 답답한 느낌이 안 들어요. 그리고 버스가 오랫동안 안 오면 무작정 기다려야 하는 것도 싫어요. 지하철은 그래도 막히는 게 없으니까 아무리 오래 기다려도 8분 안에는 거의 오거든요^^

      Simon 씨가 사는 나라는 어디예요? 그 곳의 지하철은 어때요?

  • Eastward

    Wow, this was a fun video to watch and to learn from. Now for a cultural difference. Here in America, most people like to have their own car, truck, or motorcycle. These machines create a sense of autonomy and/or status. However, big cities like New York the feeling may be very different. When I was in Korea for a year, driving my own car was what I missed the most in terms of transportation. However, riding in a bus or subway was about the same for me.
    Now let me add to the conversation. Driving one’s own small mobile factory (a car) has advatages too. In a car you have less people pushing and shoving to get in or to find a sit (unless you have a family of five or more), less noise, less germs, and generally less rude people traveling with you. However, disadvatages are in meeting less interesting people, can not drive and type on I-phone, and generally cost more for gas. Of course, a bus or subway you can get up and move if you are sitting next to a mean brother or sister. But lastly, “Are we there yet?” is generally not heard on a bus or subway. In other words, the more people you start adding into your mobile factor the more it becomes like a subway or a bus.
    P.S. 나도 좋은 비디오 생각해요.

    • Eastward

      My last sentence I missed a letter “y” in mobile factory. Sorry.

  • rigo

    i love these videos
    i prefer the subway because is faster and cheap even if it’s crowded

  • amit

    i think bus is better than subway

  • icabopeepyayaya

    yeah subway is more better than bus… for me subway save my times ^^

  • 우리나라 (베트남)에서, 지하철이 아직 없어서, 저는 버스를 타야해요. 하지만, 서을에서 지하철을 타 봤어요. 아주 편해요. 저는 고를 수 있으면 지하철을 고르겠어요.

  • Albert

    I like subway than bus, Subway move very fast and some place the train gonna pass good scenery. On price I’m still prefer subway because its cheap. Also train won’t shaking too much when move very fast and its comfort even crowded.
    But sometimes I’m still using bus because bus station have many stations around the city.
    So, my assumption about fast and cheap I’m prefer subway and for flexibility I’m prefer bus actually bus has own route with less traffic so don’t worry about getting jammed.

    Since they are still a public transportation for both transportation are good for me.

  • I was in Seoul during the summer of 2007 and I loved the Seoul subways! NYC’s subways should learn that just because it’s underground, subway stations don’t need to be muggy, dark, and have poor hygiene. Rats are also frequent here 🙁 A few lines have upgraded to cleaner trains, but most of them are still very old and frazzled.

    I disliked the buses in Korea, probably because of the insane driving styles. I fell into the aisle once when the driver suddenly braked and I was sitting on the top row, middle seat…very embarrassing….

  • Lena

    I prefer subway. It is really fast and you can do all of the things you want to without bouncing around, like reading. I also fall asleep on the bus because the bouncing makes me sleepy, so I miss my stop! >_<