TTMIK Talk / Cafe Comma in Hongdae, Seoul


Welcome back to another TTMIK Talk, everyone! In this video, your teachers 경은, 석진 and 경화 went to a nice coffee shop called “Cafe Comma” in Hongdae. Listen to the teachers talk in natural Korean, and check the subtitles (available in 22 languages thanks to our awesome translators!) to study the words and expressions.

Translation & quiz package is available for this episode of TTMIK Talk. In the 22-page PDF file, you can see a complete transcript, a complete translation, a vocabulary list and quiz questions. You can get it for $2.99 by clicking the button below.


TTMIK Talk / Cafe Comma in Hongdae, Seoul
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  • Stephen

    귀여운 커피대이트

    • Kyung-hwa Sun


  • Carl

    That is a cool cafe. What a nice atmosphere.

  • Vince

    저도 가고 싶어요!!!
    I want to go too! 🙁

  • Brendan

    May I know the directions to this cafe? I heard it’s somewhere in Hongdae, and I’d like to check it out when I’m visiting Seoul this winter

    • Sure! It’s right next to Exit 3 of Hong-ik University subway station on Line 2 in Seoul : )

  • Greg

    어 재밌게 들었어요. 새로운 표현을 배우는 게 도움도 될 겸 하고요. (말이 맞죠?)
    예들면 그 중에서도 책이 꽂혀 있다, 중심을 잡다, 그리고 짜잔 이라는 거고요.
    그래서 감사해요.

  • rigo

    hello there , nice video , i wonder what kind of books do they have there
    it’s funny how you guys talk in a low voice as if you were at a real library
    they should post a sign ” KEEP QUIET ”
    had fun !

    • Glad you had fun watching this : ) They have all sorts of books – the publisher is actually quite book.

  • Botir

    I want to meet “Talktomeinkorean” teachers. What should I do? Now. I am in Deagu.
    I’m from Uzbekistan. This website helped me much. Thank you in advance.

  • Hi talk to me in korean teachers so glad to listen your lesson I’m one of your listener keep of the good work. Really fun and interesting your lesson hope I’m gonna good in korean someday because of talk to me in korean site.

  • Omo! really want to visit Korea!
    I was inspired by your cool movies!
    And also I was inspired by your language through this!
    I’m a new bee here! I hope I can ride on the flow! tihihi…

    …Teachers! you’re awesome! Linguisist is my forte!
    I think you should sometimes visit other countries for more adventure!
    .You know Ryan Bang in the Philippines?
    He’s a cool korean! I am wishing
    for the moment where I can meet you !

  • yeah!!!
    …He’s Bang Hyun Sung! I love him that much! .
    He’s popular here in the Philippines! just want to share!

  • Keith Kuhn

    Am I missing something? How is this a video lesson? I have become so frustrated because I can find no colleges or people to teach me Korean.

  • josephine de vera

    hi I am from Philippine’s , I am certified fanatic of k-pop ! i want to visit in Korea & i want to know their personalities . ~^^~

  • Michaël

    Hi guys.
    Great Video.

    Your pronunciation of French is really good~
    Votre français est excellent ! Où avez-vous appris ?

  • HanJinSoo

    안녕! These videos are great! I just bought the whole package containing 9 videos with hangul and english translations 🙂
    I bought it yesterday so I’ve only watched the Cafe video. But, as I looked through the script I identified a few things and just wanted to ask you if It’s me that fail to capture what you actually say (what is written in the script) or if it is the colloquial way that you speak that differs from the script.


    The script says
    보통 서빙을 하실 때 이렇게 두 손으로 하시는데

    but I hear

    보통 서빙을 하실 때 게 두 손 하시는데

    My guess is that from the context, the shortened 이렇게 and omittence of 으로 can be understood so the colloquial way of speaking would sound more like this.
    Is this correct, or is it me that fail to hear the pronunciation of the words?