Hyunwoo on Catch The Wave (Arirang Radio) – May 2012


Hyunwoo started appearing as a regular guest on Arirang Radio’s new show “Catch The Wave” last month. Every month, he will talk about what has happened regarding both his personal activities as a blogger/YouTuber and the activities here at TalkToMeInKorean. You can listen to the radio show live through their website at ArirangRadio.com as well as through their mobile app. You can enjoy the recording of the show this month right here!


You can also watch a video Hyunwoo and Adrien made together here.

Hyunwoo on Catch The Wave (Arirang Radio) – May 2012
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  • jesica

    hyunwoo your really great you can do a lot of things. I think of you speaking in a radio you seems to be famous. I heard of your funny experience in catch the radio and its really funny. I will continue listening to your lessons in TTMIK and hope to visit korean soon even though Im just 14 it will still be a long though continue making good lesson love all the teachers of TTMIK.

  • Rigo

    Hyunwoo I wish you the best and thanks for everything you do for us

  • roro

    hynwoo saesaengneem …I really wish you all the best and I‘ll listen to your lessons always Iam 15 now and thanks to you and to TTMIK I am able to talk korean even though I still in level 2
    and you now what I am Arabian ,,, so saesangneem All the Best …

  • wow chukahae (congratulations hyunwoo saensangneen ) wow you`re the best
    wish you all the luck and more success in your future
    and success for all the other teachers , thank you so much for teaching us korean

    hwaiting~~~!!! 😀 😀

  • misha

    Hyunwoo, i am so proud that you are my teacher. All the best for you and Mikyoung!!

  • Doris Dong

    안녕하세요.^ ^
    이 번 6월에 저는 친구랑 한국 서울에 여행을 갈거에요.덜려요~ㅎㅎ
    한복 활동을 놓쳐서 좀 아숴워요…


  • Nargess

    Hi Mr. Sun,
    Congradulations for your appearing on Arirang Radio!Continue your good job please. Choohahe! Fighting!… #^^#