Catch The Wave (22 March 2013) / 김새다, 뜨거운 맛을 보여주다


Every Friday at 6 PM (KST), you can listen to Hyunwoo and Adrien LIVE on the radio at to learn new Korean expressions and listen to fun recordings sent in by listeners of both Catch The Wave and TalkToMeInKorean around the world. This week, however, Hyojin had to fill in for Hyunwoo since he was not feeling well. Hope you enjoy watching the videos!


사랑이 식다

Fun Audio Recordings from Listeners

If you want to participate in the last segment, please send your recording to! Enjoy!

Everyday Korean Idiomatic Expressions!

Enjoying learning new Korean expressions every week with Catch the Wave? Everyday Korean Idiomatic Expressions book/e-book introduces 100 frequently used idiomatic expressions including the ones that are introduced on Catch the Wave. You can simply get the hang of each expression with the first page of each chapter with literal translation, actual meaning and vocabulary note, or go into more detail in the next page with detailed explanation and two sample dialogues. Fun illustrations not only add the fun in your study but also help the expressions stick in your memory. Enriching your Korean to sound more fluent has never been easier.



Catch The Wave (22 March 2013) / 김새다, 뜨거운 맛을 보여주다
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  • Rigo

    Hi guys , very interesting phrases
    Thank you for your hard work

  • 아틸라

    다음 수업을 아드리엔와 효진씨와 현우 오빠 함께 가르칠 거예요? 🙂
    ( Can u understand my question with probably a lot of mistakes? 😀 )

  • kris Tibon

    This conversation is so jaemitseo!:) Thank you!

  • 아틸라, yes i can understand what you said. But here’s little bit of correction for more naturalness .. 🙂
    다음 수업엔(or에는) 아드리엔(과),효진씨(와),현우 오빠가 함께 가르치나요?