[Catch The Wave] What is 잠수[jam-su]?

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In this segment of K-Talk with Hyunwoo, a Friday segment of Catch The Wave on Arirang Radio with Adrien Lee, Hyunwoo introduced the term 잠수 and 잠수를 타다. Find out what kind of other meaning this Korean word for “submerge” can have.

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[Catch The Wave] What is 잠수[jam-su]?
  • 라샨

    something is missing here… hmmm… i think i figured it out… where is the video??!

  • rigo

    very interesting

  • fantastichicken

    Thank you for teaching us korean expressions, I’m very grateful for all of your lessons, and videos. ^-^
    Moreover I have a question, does 잠수해요 work ? Like 아이고, 진짜 돌겠네, 학교 때문에 잠수해요 ! i.e submerged by homeworks, I don’t know how to introduce the “homework part” in my sentence. Can you tell me if my sentence is alright ?

    감사합니다 🙂