Catch The Wave (8 Feb 2013) / 벼락치기, 배가 아프다


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배가 아프다

Fun Audio Recordings from Listeners

If you want to participate in the last segment, please send your recording to! Enjoy!

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Catch The Wave (8 Feb 2013) / 벼락치기, 배가 아프다
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  • britta sheldon

    so the way to say 벼락치기 is to use it as a hada verb ( 벼락치기하다), right?

  • 사자

    Can you make a short (or even very short) dialogue using 벼락치기 하다? I’m still not sure how to use it naturally. Thanks.

    • This word is pretty useless though. But I made this silly dialog anyway…
      이번은 벼락치기 해서 시험에 떨어졌네요
      그러네요. 저는 벼락치기 자주 하는 게 괜찮은데요
      그러면 좋겠어요. 저도 그런 천재라면 시간을 아끼는 게 항상 벼락치기 했을 거예요.
      Here’s a recording for fun

      This is literally:
      -This time, because I studied at the last moment, I fell at the exam
      -Really? Me, that often prepare at the last moment is fine though.
      -I guess it’s good for you like that. If I also was a genius like that, me that value time, would always prepare for exams at the last moment.
      (Nice. If I was genius like you, I would always do it to save time)

  • 미스

    Is that right
    사랑 너무 아파요 됐다 내 가슴

    • Hi 미스,
      I am sorry it is not correct. What did you mean?
      Thanks for your comment.

  • 미스

    I Translated this sentence And meaning
    Love hurts so much it was in my heart.

    And can you Translated this sentence for me plz..

    ” Can you love someone like you?! I mean .. as a singer and famous?! I’m not a just fan of your!! I really love you so much ”

    Thank you so much for help

  • 만년하세요 ^^ i really like TALK TO ME IN KOREA im living here in incheon gyeyang centreville and i always listen to your conversation Actually you are helping me guys to learn a lot about korean languange ^^ thank you so much! hope to meet u soon

  • owww sorry 안녕하세요!****

  • minsu

    정말 놀랐어요! 인도에서도 질투면 배가 아프라고 말하는 것 같아요