[Video] TTMIK Talk / Topic: Cinema (영화관) / 100% Korean with Subtitles


Where do you usually watch movies? Do you still go to a movie theater to watch movies sometimes? All the staff members of TalkToMeInKorean enjoy going to the movies very much, so we decided to go all together to a nearby cinema to watch a Korean movie. But we wouldn’t just go to a movie theater and NOT record a cinema talk there, would we? So here you go – another TTMIK Talk complete with the Korean transcript and translations in the subtitles! Hope you enjoy this video!


[Video] TTMIK Talk / Topic: Cinema (영화관) / 100% Korean with Subtitles
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  • Haha, funny talk.

  • Sara

    I love these videos! They really help, and they are also so fun to watch…Thank you so much!! (The subtitles are also beautifully done..)

  • Steven

    I agree. This website is so well done. I think it even passes tofugu.com :O
    Video is always top notch! Thanks again for updating this so often! It’s VERY awesome!

  • Ingrid

    You guys!! i can’t concentrate when you doing things behind the girls hahahahahaha!!! it was awesome!! thanks!

  • Brian

    Hey Hyojin,

    I got your audiobook and noticed you studied at the University of Washington. I graduated from the UW several years before you were there so we’re fellow Huskies.

    Your audiobook was very well done. I think the way all the sentences are broken down with the translation is really helpful.

    • Nate

      Did you study Korean at UW? That’s where I first studied Korean with Kim and Lee ssn. Seems like TTMIK has its fair share of UW connections!

    • Brian

      No, I missed out on that. I didn’t get interested in Korean until after I graduated.

  • Eastward

    Yeppers, I really, truly enjoy watching videos made by TTMIK. So who were those characters in the background, waving, jumping and such? :)+ (lol) Oh, your coworkers… Anywho, it was fun learning about movies. I would have typed in Korean but I’m at work and can not set up the Korean keyboard on these machines. Please keep the interesting topic videos coming our way, many many (ok one more) many thanks.

    • har

      I think that was Kyeong-Eun-Choi in the background, i don’t know the name of the guy.

    • Haha My name is Jin Seok Jin.

  • pink

    Teacher Hyojin is getting prettier! 🙂

  • Sarah

    안녕하세요! TTMIK이 아주 아주 좋아요. 지금 아리조나 주립 대학교에서 한국어 수업을 듣고 있어요.

    질문 있어요… 미래 언젠가 비디오를 업로드 할때 한국말 자막 밖에 안 넣어도 돼요? 비디오를 볼때 영어 자막이 있으면 한국말을 집중하기가 힘들어요. TT TT

    I have a question… In the future sometime when you upload a video, can you put only Korean captions/subtitles? When I watch a video with English subtitles, it’s hard to concentrate on Korean/Korean learning. (Maybe there could be two versions. One with Eng and Korean and one with just Korean.

    감사합니다!!! ^^

    한국어를 열심히 공부하겠습니다!