We Are Opening a Coffee Shop in Seoul

안녕하세요, 여러분! Hi everybody. This is Hyunwoo from TTMIK. We have been making Korean lessons for everybody for five years now, and we love meeting our listeners (you!) in person and talking to them in Korean as well as hearing about how everyone is learning with our lessons.

Until now, however, it has been often difficult to actually meet up with many of you because we did not have an official meeting venue. Some of you have already visited our office before, but we couldn’t really accommodate you well because, well, it’s an office and we have a ton of things going on for the production of the online lessons and books.

그래서 이번 여름에 홍대에 저희 커피숍을 오픈할 예정이에요! ^^
So we are VERY happy and excited to announce that we will be opening our own coffee shop in Seoul this summer!

The coffee shop is going to be in the popular Hongdae district, and we are planning to open it in July. But as for more details about the exact location, launch date, and name of the place, we will share more information very soon, so please stay tuned through our website or one of our social media channels.

We will be running the coffee shop with our friends at Eat Your Kimchi. Having a coffee shop in Seoul to which we can invite our viewers & listeners has long been a dream both for them and for us, so we decided to do this together. Finding a good location for the coffee shop was not easy, but we are happy to have found a really nice place and I am sure you will love it! Now that we have chosen a place, we have already started working on the interior design, menu items, theme, special programs, etc. and we can’t wait to share more news about the coffee shop with you.

Watch the coffee shop hunting video on [the EYK site here]

In one corner of the coffee shop, we will also have a classroom area where we can (finally!) give regular offline classes  for those who live here or visit for a while and want to take Korean lessons by us. We will be having regular meet-ups and lots of other cool events there, but even apart from that, we will make sure that the coffee shop is overall a really nice place to hang out, relax, and have fun.

We can’t wait to see you all there!!! 꼭 놀러오실 거죠? ^^

We Are Opening a Coffee Shop in Seoul
  • Fuddulous

    Will it be 24시?

    • It’s unlikely that it will be 24시, but we’ll open early and close late ^^

  • Kaelan

    I’m going to korea in june though. guess it won’t be open yet. 🙁

  • Stephanie Marie

    THIS IS SOOO COOL!!! I’ll be there in July so I’ll definitely stop by!!

  • This is a bit disappointing to be honest. I like TTMIK, but could care less for EYK. I’m sure the reason you partnered with them is because they have the popularity needed to attract business but I wish TTMIK would have just done it alone. Why partner up with people who exploit Korea in order to earn money? Even in the video with them they were making fun of the English (likely translated directly from Korean) on a sign. I’ve seen some silly signs in Korea, but I don’t feel the need to stop and mock them at every turn. Why a site called Talk to me IN Korean would partner up with people who can’t even be bothered to learn the language (despite selling the culture for profit) is silly to me. I’m sorry, I won’t be supporting this. Good luck anyway.

    • Matthew Meinema

      They actually speak pretty decent Korean, they just have no need to use it on camera. Once they leave their house, they speak no English. All Korean. And they mock it… because its funny. Korea is not some holy country you can’t joke about. It is just like every other country. Jesus get a sense of humour. Both TTMIK and EYK are great companies.

    • Sonia

      Simon and Martina have promoted Korea in their own way for a long time. They work long and hard at what they do (their videos don’t make, edit and post themselves) and try to keep it fun, light and honest. They didn’t come here to learn the language– like most of us who work here they have picked up some and self-study when they have the time. I don’t think anyone will miss your negativity at the coffee shop.

  • Nikki Pandan

    I wish you can offer part time jobs there, as crew members, english tutors maybe? I’d love to be an intern in the business side of things as I am a business mgmt student and it would look great on my CV. It’s amazing that it’s in Hongdae since I’ll be studying in Ewha for one year! I’m so excited for you guys and I am so excited to be there.

  • 정새미

    꼭 놀러 가야지 ^^

  • Nanami

    Yay! This is a great idea! I am a fan of all of you. I live down in Busan but will definitely make my way up to drop by!

    • Seokjin Jin

      Thanks so much! Yeah, please don’t forget visiting the cafe. 😀

  • Evan Mattson

    This is great news. Do we get a discount if we practice ordering in Korean? 🙂

  • nevakarina

    I just started listening to TTMIK 3 weeks ago (since I just found it then too) and I feel like I’m getting the hang of this already!! Aaaanndd….I will go to Korea this July for A MONTH!!! im so excited, i can’t wait to use all the lessons I learned and start talking in korean. Really hope I can visit the coffee shop and meet all the 선생님s! 다 lesson을 줬어서, 정말 감사합니다!!!

  • Alice

    OH MY GOD! That’s cool. I’m a HUGE FAN of TTMIK. This makes me inspire more in learning korean. I wish to meet all 선생님 during my visit. Wish you all the best! 🙂

  • Wow!!! I think this will be awesome!!! If I can get a chance to go to Korea… I will SURELY visit your coffee shop!!! :DDDD TTMIK & Eat Your Kimchi, good luck!!! 🙂

  • yaaaaaay

  • Abhinaya Kumar

    Hi there! I’ve finally come to Seoul for a visit ( trip of my dreams) and you are hugely responsible for it! I’m absolutely loving every moment of it and I’m making use of all the korean language I have learned from you guys so far 🙂 I’m visiting hongdae tomorrow and I am definitely going to come to your cafe 🙂 hope to see you there !! (Fingers crossed! )

  • Justin Blake

    Wow! I was living in Jochiwon 2 years ago, but I missed this video. I guess I’ll just have to come back. I hope you are still in business!

    • Same here. Not the living in Jochiwon part though (I wish) So, Is the coffee shop still in business because I might be travelling to S.K soon and I’d love it if i would be able to meet you guys XD

  • Anne F

    Hi guys! I’m struggling finding a good language cafe in Seoul. Have you opened your café eventualy ? I’d love to go. 🙂