Contest #1 – Winner Announcement!


축하합니다! Congratulations to the winners! And we’d like to thank EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU for participating! You are the best!

Like we said we would in the contest video, we chose the winner by random! Watch the video to find out who won all the snacks!

If you haven’t watched the original contest video, click here to watch it.

Thank you so much for studying with us!

To the winner:
Please send us an email and give us your mailing address at so that we can send you these snacks!


Contest #1 – Winner Announcement!
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  • Erica

    Awwwww… didn’t win… oh well. I hope TTMIK will have lots of contests in the future 🙂 I think it’s really great that you guys did this contest as one lucky person now gets to experience korean snacks which are nearly impossible to get anywhere else in the world (well, at least outside of asia XD) so thanks for having this contest!

  • Gah, I also was very nervous while watching the video. I wonder in which turn I got eliminated… Anyway, I’m looking forward to future contests.

    Oh, and by the way, you’re doing an excellent job here at TTMIK. I promise I will buy you guys a crate of beer when I come to Korea in the next few years! Keep up the great work, I love you guys!

  • Ginie

    I hope the winners will post a video to tell us how it was :p)

  • Ana

    aww… I didn’t win, but 축하해요! ^^

  • LaLa

    Anyeonghaseo everyone! waaaah I just found out about this contest today!!T_T It’s sooo cool I want to eat korean food toO!^.^ Hope you announce another contest SO.ON ^.^!! ne? heeheehee gamsahamnida=D

  • Anyeonghaseo … wow this getting more and more interesting. Love TTMIK..!
    Hope next time that I’ll be so lucky to be chosen I mean by luck. ^__^ Aja aja fighting!!

  • Dalia

    Omooo… i know Aerishi ^^ ~ That’s cool hahah

    You guys are so much fun ~ im really smiling by just watching a video of you ^^
    You Really Are Awesome ~

  • Akmaral

    ohhhhhhhh, its not long time since i joined this web site, but i found it very useful and interesting, and i hope to participate in future contests….