Winner Announcement | Ramyeon Give-away Contest | Part 1


Thank you so much for participating in our Ramyeon Give-away Contest! In Part 1, we asked you to tell us which flavor of ramyeon among the four TTMIK teachers’ choices you would like to try or have tried before. 359 people participated in the contest, and we had A LOT OF fun choosing the winner.

We wanted to choose the winner in a more fun way than just pick someone, so we decided to play a little game. And the game we decided to play to make the choosing process more fair was … JENGA!

As you know there are many different ways of playing Jenga, and the rule we chose to play by was having each participant choose a color by throwing a dice and he/she has to only take out a Jenga block of that specific color.

We hope you enjoy the video and find out who is the winner!

Thanks as always for studying Korean with us and thank you for all the support!!!!!

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감사합니다 ^^!

Winner Announcement | Ramyeon Give-away Contest | Part 1
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  • Haha, what a fun way to decide the winner! Congrats to the winner. I hope you hold more contests in the future !! 😀 Keep it up TTMIK!!!

  • alina

    maybe next time will be more winners. (can be something like 1st prize, 2nd, 3rd…..)
    or, you can make a contest with questions from Korean culture and language and we have to send the answers on e-mail, so that nobody can see the answers but the teachers.
    congrats to the winner!!

  • great way to choose :-). Congrats to the winner.

  • really funny way to chose
    i laughed a lot
    감사합니다 많이 재밌어요

  • I Won!!! Thanks guys!!! This is awesome. Really creative way of choosing the winner it was really fun to watch my sister and I were at the edge of our seats the whole time.
    감사합니다!!! 정말 감사합니다!!!

  • That was very nice.
    Give Yoly my congragulations.

  • That was a really fun way to choose. I enjoyed it even though I didn’t enter haha ^^.
    Congrats to Yoly 😀

  • I agree, it was such a fun way to choose the winner!! Our 선생님들 are amazing!!:) Yoly 축하해요!!!

  • So very ingenious form to choose the winner. All Team TTMIK is very fun…but in special Seok jin jin.Greetings from Mexico. 감사합니다. Congratulations teacher Kyeong Eun Choi.

  • rigo

    you guys are the best teachers in the world
    i had so much fun !!
    keep it up !!!!

  • wintergreen

    우승자를 뽑는 방법은 정말 재미있습니다. 비디오를 재미있게 보았습니다.
    Congratulations to Yoly! 축하합니다!!! ^_^

  • huifang

    Teacher Hyunwoo represented me! I am so lucky to be 1 of the 5 from 300+ people ^-^
    I was so shocked to see my name up there >-<

    A great and fun way to select a winner!

    Congratulations, Yoly!! And Thanks Teacher Hyunwoo, and other teachers for doing your best!! ^-^

  • Dale

    Ah, great video. No tasty Ramyun for me, but I have decided to order a big pack of Shin cups from the internet. My mouth is watering just thinking about it!

  • Derek

    You guys always make things so enjoyable to watch! Congrats Yoly! And great job Kyeong-eun!! Actually all the teachers did well.. I would be terrible at that game. ^^

  • hii ^^
    thank you for this giveaway, next time please do something about kdrama or kpop , like poster or dvd giveaway
    that would be so cool , also you can make three winners, not only one who take all the prize
    kamsahamniddaa 🙂

  • Hahaha, I had fun watching this. Though, I didn’t win I wanna congratulate Yoly and Kyeong-eun for winning the game. More power, more contest!

  • HA! That was EPIC 😛 화이팅, 경은 씨!!

  • Emma Parker

    That was awesome you guys!! Had a LOT of fun watching it. ^^

  • francisco

    hahaha…its great!!i love this!!!

  • never played coloured jenga before