Catch The Wave (3 May 2013) / 번지수를 잘못 찾다, 말을 돌리다


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번지수를 잘못 찾다

말을 돌리다

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Catch The Wave (3 May 2013) / 번지수를 잘못 찾다, 말을 돌리다
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  • Oana 와나

    Hi guys, you’re doing a great job 🙂 ! I love this segment.
    Small remark : in this blog post, before the first video in which you were talking about “번지수를 잘못 찾다” you’ve written an expression that you’ve explained previously : “병 주고 약 주다” .
    우리 좋은 선생님들 화이팅하세요 ^^ !!

    • Thanks for your comment. 댓글 고마워요!

  • 고마워요 ^_^ 고칠게요

    • hestina

      youtube 에 동영상 중국에서 못 열릴 거던요.
      어떻게 해야할지 좋알까요.

    • 아.. 아쉽네요. 혹시 TTMIK 사이트에서 영상 다운로드는 할 수 있어요?

    • 아.. 아쉽네요. 혹시 TTMIK 사이트에서 영상 다운로드는 할 수 있어요? 🙂

  • Dan

    On the phrase, “말을 돌리다 “, I think an interesting although somewhat outdated Americanism is “spin” as in “spin doctor”. It’s not really the same, since to “spin” something means to put the most advantageous meaning on something. What do you guys think? Is there a Korean phrase like that?

    • Hi Dan,
      Oh, I didn’t know that the word “spin” has that meaning! Well, we use an expression “죽인다” which literally means “it is killing me” when we saw something really cool.