[Video] TTMIK Talk – Daytime Drinking – Cool or Not Cool?


Drinking during the day is called 낮술 [nat-sul] in Korean. Do you enjoy drinking? Do you sometimes open a can of beer and enjoy drinking it during the day (like 경은 does in this video)? 석진, 경은 and 효진 went to a park to sit down and talk about 낮술. Let us know what you think by leaving us comments below!

Subtitles are available both in Korean and in English. Click the CC button in the YouTube player to see the subtitles.


[Video] TTMIK Talk – Daytime Drinking – Cool or Not Cool?
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  • Annyeong Haseyo! ~ 😀

    I think 낮술 is fine as long as you’re in the right age to drink. You should drink with moderation and you should not let yourself get drunk when drinking during the day 🙂

  • Rina

    I don’t think you should do that in the daylight.
    This is a prevention, so that you won’t bother other people ^^
    And I think soda is better 😀

  • choinisa

    well i haven’t drink a beer before and i am not drink it. i think drinking beer is not good for at all. for a health especially. are korean like drinking? don’t drink to much then. it is not good for your health. soda also. don’t drink soda ti much. a years ago i am drink soda to much and haven’t ate rice, then i get collapse. hahaa soo keep your health all of you. thank for the video^^

  • Stephen

    I think drinking at any time is fine, but drinking to the point of drunkenness never fine. You should avoid doing anything that would effect your judgement or clarity of mind, you never know when you may need it. Aside from that there are health reasons as well.

  • Rigo

    Hello there , nice video
    Can you drink alcohol in public places ?

  • people seem to think beer is bad for you, that is not really the case, It is a wounderful source of calories if you are about to, for example, go on a hike, or camping, or some type of race or something. Drink a beer the night before, and you will have a great amout of energy when you go in the morning. Also out on camping trips, when you need all the calories to burn, beer is easy to carry, does not attract other animals, and doesn’t go bad for a while. I do agree do not drink to get drunk. but there are benefits to drinking beer too. If you drink and do nothing else but sit around, then yes it will be bad for your health. but so is eating health food if all you do is sit around and eat. I personally love other liquers, but I will drink a beer every once in a while. I have no problem with it at all until people start getting drunk, I dont like that. And if you are to drink be mindful of other people, some people really don’t like the smell, or get embarrased when you drink around them. In that case, just drink later. The beers will still be there when you are done hanging out. Now sodas, I really do not like them, too much sugar, and too many other chemicals, that actually drain your body of its nutrience… So i try to stay away ferom sodas all the time :-). Thats just my thought about it.

    Everyone stay safe, and be well.

  • Mary

    Here in France you don’t have the right to drink alcohol during work time haha! But still I looove drinking beer especially on a hot day! And what’s better than a beer or a glass of wine to appreciate a lunch or a diner? hehe!
    Seokjin oppa, when I go to Seoul, let’s have a drink together? =$
    Nice video guys! Thanks!

  • Drinking beer in public and on the street is why I love Korea! When I lived in Seoul my friends and I would buy beer from Family Mart and drink it on the street in Gangnam and just watch the people walking by. It was really fun! Also when we went clubbing we would always get our alcohol at the convenience stores and drink it on the streets, the clubs were way too expensive!

  • Eastward

    Drink, Drank, Drunk.
    Personally, I can not stand the smell of alcohol beverage on someone’s breath, much less during daylight hours. However, those who do drink responsibly should be respectful of those that do not drink and vice versa.

  • it’s better to drink during the day, esp in summer!!
    but don’t get drunk and don’t drive

  • 산드라

    In Israel we like to bring a couple of nice, cool bottles of beer on a day out on the beach.
    Ohhh it’s the best *o*
    But it’s mostly for days off i guess.

    (Also i think there’s a new rule recently against it. :\ Bummers.)

    Haha, 효진 is so cute! Standing up alone against the forces of evil! xD

    Still for me, 괜찮다고 생각해요, 응!


  • 시혁

    효진씨 화팅 >.< 술은 나쁜 거에요!

  • Stefano

    우아! 멋있다. 나도 낮술 좋아하는데 한국에서 파는 맥주는 실망하지 않아요? 한국에서 맥주 맛이 별로 없어요…

  • 영완

    저는 술을 마시기는 싫어한다~

  • Personally, I would rather drink a good beer or glass of wine than soda, day or night. I am able to retain control when drinking, and soda is just terrible for you in every way, especially when made with high fructose corn syrup or artificial sweeteners. Besides, iced tea or water is even more refeshing on a hot day than soda is, and they’re actually healthy. 낮술은 괜찮아요 (as long as you don’t get hammered and lose control of yourself, or drive)

  • Alex

    having a beer with good friends at the park before we hit up downtown. nothing better then that.

  • Jonathan

    Did you discuss this over a drink?

  • 주말에는 낮술을 마시는 것 괜찮는데 평일에는 낮술을 먹으면 안 돼요.

  • 며칠전에 친구들이랑 김치를 담그면서 낮술로 막걸리를 마셨어요! ^0^

  • I think it’s pretty cool to be able to do that :). I wish it was allowed here.

  • 경은! you are my hero! So cool to hear it from you haha! Because, you don’t hear many people say it is ok, to just have a few, but I think it is ok. As long as you don’t get drunk and stumble around and bother people in the day or night, but with some friends, on a hot day, having some good food, relax and have fun, I think it is fantastic to drink some beer! I understand the argument that says “Why do you have to have beer? Why not soda?” But I also think… “Why not beer?” in my case, I love the taste of Maxx, so I would prefer to drink it than a Soda, it just comes down to personal taste 😀 I think… Don’t ask “why?”, when you can’t answer “why not?”

  • 사람 다 개인의 취향 있으니까 낮술하기가 되는 것 같아요.
    Everyone has their own personal preference so I guess nothing’s wrong with daytime drinking.I don’t drink at all since I’m underage but whatever people do, I think it’s fine as long as it’s legal and doesn’t hurt anybody 🙂

  • I think it’s really cute how Hyojin insisted on drinking soda. 😀