Describe This Picture – No Car Zone


We’ve changed the format of this video lesson series to accommodate a more diverse level of Korean learners! In this week’s Describe This Picture lesson, Hyunwoo Sun describes a photo of a street using 3 main things that are happening in the picture. Learn some new Korean words and sentence structures by watching this video!

Main Situations

The street is not very crowded.

  1. 거리에는 사람들이 많이 없어요.
  2. 거리는 비교적 한산해요.
  3. 거리가 별로 붐비지 않아요.

On the road, it says “no-car street”.

  1. 바닥에 “차없는 거리”라고 적혀 있어요.
  2. 바닥에 “차없는 거리”라고 표시되어 있어요.
  3. 바닥에 “차없는 거리”라고 쓰여져 있어요.

Someone has parked a red car by the roadside.

  1. 빨간 자동차가 길 옆에 서 있어요.
  2. 빨간 자동차가 길가에 주차되어 있어요.
  3. 누군가 빨간 자동차를 길가에 대 놨어요.


Easy Words

  • 상점/가게 = store
  • 거리/도로/길 = street/road
  • 나무 = tree
  • 빨간 자동차 = red car
  • 사람들 = people

Difficult Words

  • 동그란 = round
  • 네모난 = rectangular or square
  • 한산하다 = to be not so crowded
  • 보행자 = pedestrian
  • 가지각색 = a variety of things / a diverse group of things

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Describe This Picture – No Car Zone
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  • Charlie

    이런 수업의방법 정말 마음에 들었어요. 한국어로 다양하게 문장을 말하기 어려워서, 이런것이 좋아요. 고맙습니다! 이렇게 더 만들어 주세요. 🙂

  • Andrea

    There are always various ways of speaking so I, too, like this format. Great!

  • tidalswellz

    This was really a great way for someone who has only just mastered the hangul characters to be challenged to follow along. Good job gang!

  • Cee

    This is great! ^_^ Talk in me in Korean is doing a great job. I have just started learning Korean for about a month and I find this site immensely entertaining and helpful at the same time.

  • Trang Nguyen

    되게 좋은 생각이네요! 말하기와 쓰기에도 도움이 많이 됐어요~~ 좋아요^^ 감사합니다!