Korean Dialect Lessons with Seokjin – Lesson #7

In this series, you can learn along side Terris as Seokjin teaches him some phrases in 경상도 사투리, the dialect spoken by people from the Gyeongsang Province area, which includes cities like 대구, 부산, 마산, 포항, 경주, etc.

In this lesson, learn how to say “why” in 경상도 사투리 (Gyeongsang Province dialect) .

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It’s always important to speak naturally and correct in any language, and whether you want to speak in a 사투리 (dialect) or in 표준어 (standard Korean), you can make your Korean sound more natural by practicing every day with help from a native speaker.
And as always, thank you for studying with us.



Korean Dialect Lessons with Seokjin – Lesson #7
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  • JUN

    와 이리 할 수 없노?
    다음 레슨에, 이런 재미있는 레슨을 더 많이 좀 해 주세요.
    수고 많이 하셨습니다. 🙂 🙂

  • Michelle

    사투리 가르쳐주셔서 감사합니다.^^ My examples are: “이 문자를 보면 빨리 대답해주세요” and “휴대폰 좀 확인 해주세요”