TTMIK Weekly Digest – 15 Dec 2011

  • Aida Trisno

    ahhhh….really wanna go to korea..
    last time i went to korea..
    i didn’t know any all..
    except for the most popular
    안녕하세요.. >.<
    lol =D

    it must be great meeting ur listener, around the world.. 🙂
    hope we can meet someday..
    and i can talk to u in korean..hehe =D

  • Saba

    wow,people who will go to Korea are so lucky!!I wish I was one of them,but I can’t even go to harukorea(cause of my studying,I don’t have much time left) :((
    I hope all of you have a great time 😉

    • I’m sure the two people coming to Korea are going to have a great time : ) Hope you can get a chance to come to Korea someday, Saba : )

  • kristine

    I really like to see Seok Jin 씨 ha ha i think he speaks funny and cool! Well of course i would love to see all of u guys in Ill be in korea this coming march 29,2011 till april 6. To visit my an avid student and random listener too! ^^

  • kristine

    Hyun woo ssi i also love to see u in person.u really r a genius ^^

  • 안녕하세요 I ‘m from Algeria .I started to learn korean a month ago and it’s funny , cause this site is very helpful