Downloads available for MP3, PDF and videos!

안녕하세요! As we’ve announced on our Facebook page and on Twitter, we are going through some site maintenance as well as a partial site re-design to make more mobile-friendly. Right now, you can already access our website on any mobile device and enjoy our lessons on the go! But unfortunately, the layout change of the website is a very long process that takes a lot of time and effort, and we didn’t want to close the website while it is happening, so you might have seen some glitches here and there in the process. We are about 70% done with the transition process, and within a couple of days you will see everything working perfectly fine, and if there are missing links to downloadable files or audio players, you will also see them again on our site very soon!

You can download MP3, PDF or video files from the small box below the main lesson banner (Do you see “Download Available” there?), and also listen to audio lessons and watch videos wherever you are.

Thank you so much everyone for studying Korean using our lessons and we are excited to bring you even more lessons to you very soon. 감사합니다. Have a lovely day!


Downloads available for MP3, PDF and videos!
  • Sayana

    너무 편해졌어요 사용하기! 재미있겠다

  • Hannah

    Thank you very much for all of your hardwork, Teachers! <3

  • I use to learn Korean Language on my own.. taking some help from a few selected language books and sites but.. i improved a lot ..when i DISCOVERED, “TALK TO ME IN KOREAN,” LISTENING TO THEM AND READING AND PRACTICING the Lessons,they prepare for online students ….The most important part of the Lessons are…I enjoy listening to what they say word by word in KOREAN and then its translation in English… It’s some what … LEARNING BY DOING PROCESS.. wherein a student enjoys the lesson getting involved by following them instantly … I like the presentation of both the TUTORS as well…accent and expression are too good and more powerful !!! I suggest , students of Korean language to watch the VIDEOS, to learn the language, more effectively , beside going through the books or any written notes…
    I thank you, “TALK TO ME KOREAN AND IT’S TEAM” for all your efforts and Hard work to make us learn KOREAN at ease….

  • Ami

    Thank you so much. At first, I freaked out, because you are the main resource that I rely on.
    Thanks again for the hard work and I will be waiting happily.

  • Rigo

    Thank you so much for your efforts
    Good luck

  • ines

    hehe i like talktomeinkorean sooooo much. i start Learning korean some months ago because im busy with studies. but when im in my way to university i listen to ur lessons hahaha i laugh alone on the street and people think maybe im going to be a crazy girl haha teacher hyunwoo is so funny with teacher kyo 🙂 i hope i can speak korean frequently so soon

  • WawaTonahun

    You’re so perfect dear

    Please continue the best never stop else

    We still love you always

  • Suyanny Lemos

    안녕하세요… 🙂 I’m brazilian and here in my country haven’t many korean language schools and in my city haven’t even one. O.o I was studying by myself since 4 years ago. But haven’t no friends to practice, then always forgot about it. AND NOW I found ALL THIS. For me is a MIRACLE. I can learn and practice all day wherever the place. And even practice my English listening audio lessons or reading PDF. Then, THANK YOU SO MUCH for all this job. Is beautiful. And one day when I finally go to Korea and someone ask me when I learned I can talk about TTMIK. HAHA And maybe to meet all my teachers. Hah

  • omid

    hi.yesterday When i come here and i Want to download my lesson and i cant find it.i get stress and were very sad.i thought that my source is loosed.untill now that i see this post and i am now very happy.kamsahamnida.please complete hangul teaching lesson.please answer.than

  • Christopher Kelayna

    I LOVED using this website to learn Korean! It IS the best and ultimate website to use. But ever since the re-design, it has made it so much harder to use. I always use this website on my iPad, and I’d say it has gotten much harder. For example, before when you clicked a lesson, on the side it would have that section that has the download options: PDF and MP3, but now you have to scroll down and look for the link and then it takes you to another website. Also, now you can’t change the order of the lessons in the level like before (I like to view the lessons from oldest to newest but I can’t do that any more). I also don’t like the fact that the levels and lessons are hidden! Because before it would be there and you can click it and whatever, but now you have to look under audio lessons. This might not be a problem for others but since I mainly use the PDFs more than the MP3s, I would’ve NEVER thought about looking there. But over all, TTMIK IS the BEST way of learning Korean! Please consider these changes.
    감사합니다!! 🙂

    • omid

      i have same problem.for example i want to download pdf and mp3 of level 2 lesson 6 but i cant see download section for mp3 and pdf.and when i want to see pdf it refer an other site that i dont want.please consider it.and answer to our comment.thank

  • Eric Y

    Yay this is great! 지짜 고맙습니다!

  • Suyanny Lemos

    I’m trying have new lessons and cant download either. I dont know how use this anymore. hahaha Someone to help US??? 😀

  • ok

    i cant download with new version.i come here with mobile.when i come with pc i can downloa ,but with mobile cant.lessons level 2 and others.please consider it.we hope

    • Hi,
      Would you please let us know the lesson which you can download? We will try to fix it right away.
      Thanks for your comment. 🙂

  • ok

    i cant download with new version.i come here with mobile.when i come with pc i can downlod ,but with mobile cant.lessons level 2 and others.please consider it.we hope

  • Husna

    me too, i have the same trouble for can’t download in this new version that make me bored..:/

    • Hi Husna,
      First of all, I am sorry for the inconvenience.
      I would appreciate it if you let me know the lesson post you couldn’t download.
      Then we will try to fix it right away.

      Thanks so much. 🙂

  • camille

    I hate complaining, but after the site update I can’t download any of the mp3 or PDF files. The link isn’t even on the screen! and it’s only for level 2 and up. ㅠ.ㅠUuuguuu… what am I going to do?

    • Hi Camile,
      I am sorry for the inconvenience, however it is working well here in Korea.
      I just checked the level 2 and I could find the links well. I would appreciate it if you let me know which lesson you couldn’t use well.
      Thanks for your comment.

  • rosalind

    I too tried for the whole day to download the audio thru my mobile only can download l2l2successfully the others all cant. Cause i can’t find the download for mp3 sign or the word ‘this lesson’. I cant listen to the audio thru the soundcloud too.please help i enjoy listening to yr lesson very much thanks

  • ali mursid

    i can’t see the dawnload link of the mp3s, where are they? Can TTMIK make more simple? In order easy to dawnload.

  • erni_janviern25

    good morning teachers,how are you guys doing? it’s been my second years learning korean language from talk to me in korean website i really wanna say thank you so much talk to me in korean .com really help me to study more about korean language .i also learn from korean drama,listening the korean songs .i hope someday i can leave my comment using korean language .

    • Seokjin Jin

      Thanks so much for your comment. Yay! I really look forward to see your Korean comment soon. 🙂 화이팅!

  • faiza

    Hello guys i’m really happy that i’m able to talk with you by living comment . well i started learning korean since i was 12 years old and i wasn’t know this website so i was study in YouTube lessons ans korean drama and also music but it wasn’t good enough for me but when i start studing with TTMIK lessons i’m understanding very well , so i’m very Grateful my dear teachers for this amazing job you are doing. Continue in it and i wish all the best for you ” sorry for the long spich ” and one more thing i can’t download the lesson of location marking particles please show me how ? And i’m sure the next time i’ll live a comment in korean 100 %

    • Hi

      learn english as well 🙂

  • Kim

    I’ve been studying the Korean language for nearly a year. I have tried so many references but this website has been the most helpful in teaching me the Korean language. Thank you so much for all the efforts you have exerted in teaching us.

    • Seokjin Jin

      Thanks so much for your kind comment. 🙂

  • CharleneDarko

    I ordered 6 books and only received 4. I have emailed you but no one has responded. Can someone please help me. My email is Charlenedarko @ gmail com . My order number is #MKS338894.

    Thanks you.

  • Santossh Ghimire

    where is pdf file??why it’ not showing??any problem or it’s deleted???

  • Jahid Ide

    very good of this topic

  • aryan92

    gamsahapnida my dear ttmik family