Korean Drama Phrases #13 – 한 숨 자고 나면 괜찮을 거래

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Do you enjoy watching Korean dramas? Even though watching TV dramas can be too much fun for you to focus on learning something, studying with phrases used frequently in Korean dramas can be very useful and effective. This lesson introduces the phrase 한 숨 자고 나면 괜찮을 거래.



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Korean Drama Phrases #13 – 한 숨 자고 나면 괜찮을 거래
  • nurida

    wow i’m happy that you heard what we suggested(recording in outdoor)
    mmm… i think you should make other example for each word as in previous videos. but over all i always love this lesson section <3

  • rigo

    i like these outdoor videos too
    thanks for the lesson and have a nice weekend

  • Katya

    Thank you very much for the outdoor lesson! It’s so funny…although not as much as in the earlier one (Was Kyunhwa quieter in this video? or was just my imagination?)
    I support Kyunhwa: SLEEPING IS IMPORTANT! XD I’m also a huge fan of sleeping, specially in winter… Thus I’m also a Kyunhwa’s fan…
    Hyunwoo always scolding Kyunhwa… lol Kyunhwa, beat him! beat him! (4:17) XD No… you can´t because he’s your boss 🙁 then go to sleep and dream that you beat him to death…lol
    Overall evaluation: fairly great, but you can improve it a lot:-) I’ll wait for your next episode….:-)

  • Jose

    Kyunghwa sleeps that much because she has to reupload imagination and creativity. Let her “enjoy the little things of life” such as sleeping a little bit more, five more minutes, ten more minutes, and so on…:-) so she can do her best on the weekly Korean Drama Phrases By the way, would Kyunghwa say, where the phrase is (on the left, right, etc…and “Not funny!” as in Korean Drama Phrase 10) in Korean? That would be soooo great because we would be able to use directions in Korean…

  • 유메 나기사

    These videos are great! My little sister, who is learning to speak, laughs when she watches kyeonghwa teacher pushing the image: my sis thinks that Kyeonhwa pushes the sleeping guy from that height! LOL
    One more outdoor episode please!!
    What about using an airport or train station (if possible) on a non-peak-time (maybe weeekends)? It would be wonderful.
    Thanks! 😀

  • Oana

    현우 씨, you look as if you 살이 빠졌어요. 더 많이 자야 되고 조심하세요.
    경화 씨, don’t mind what 현우 씨 says, he always wants to pick on you because he’s envious of you 😉
    This was another great episode and the picture of 석진 is so funny, you guys have a great imagination 🙂 It would be nice if you could offer us some sample sentences with the words used in the drama phrase.

    정말 감사합니다 ^^

  • Grace


  • Martín

    More outdoor episodes! YAY!
    Kyunghwa seems a Korean celebrity in this episode! I have been wondering why she was using those sunglases… anyway she looks so dashing! =P
    Go 경화 씨!
    경화 씨 진짜 예뻐요 ^o^

  • Bea

    Wow! :)) Thanks so much that you made another video of this ^^ It really helped a lot.

  • Cassie

    lol “숨”. I instantly thought of B2ST.

    “I Can’t Hold My Breath, Breath, Breath!~” Hahahah! <3~

  • 시혁

    cool video

  • Wendy

    hahahaa. Kyunghwa-ssi is late for work!