Korean Drama Phrases #1 – 진짜 궁금해서 그러는데, 두 사람 대체 무슨 사이야?

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Do you enjoy watching Korean dramas? Even though watching TV dramas can be too much fun for you to focus on learning something, studying with phrases used frequently in Korean dramas can be very useful and effective. This lesson introduces the phrase 진짜 궁금해서 그러는데 두 사람 대체 무슨 사이야?





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Korean Drama Phrases #1 – 진짜 궁금해서 그러는데, 두 사람 대체 무슨 사이야?
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  • Mae

    These videos will be very popular. I think the number one reason people have started learning Korean lately is to understand entertainment, specifically television and music.

    Another great video, TTMIK. 🙂

  • Césahr

    So good these videos 😉 I hope learning more, I love this page, almost I don’t comment, but every day I’m opening this page and learning something new =)
    Thanks for your work!!! =D

  • Rigo

    Hello there, watching dramas is how I started learning Korean and discovered great music , thanks for the series
    My favorite word from now on will be 대체

  • Samier

    I really liked this! I learned a few new words ^^

    I can’t wait for more videos haha ^^

  • Dima

    YAY! love this! I’m looking forward for this series~

  • 와나 모니카 (Oana Monica)

    우와, 이 비디오를 진짜 좋아했어요! 재밌고 멋있어요!
    오느른 재 셍일이에요 (여기에 아직 13일이에요) . 그래서 이 비디오 선물 같아요.
    루마니아에서 인사
    정말 감사합니다아아아!!!

    Ah, I apologize for the mistakes, I’m a beginner.

    Nevertheless, thank you, thank you, thank you! ^^

    • majpark

      한국어를 잘 하시는데요.

      실수를 걱정하지 않고 많이 많이 연습을 하는 것이
      중요하다고 생각해요.

  • Oh my, Thank you so much for this video lesson. I just heard this sentence in Korean drama today. It’s called TAKE CARE OF THE YOUNG LADY…
    선생님들 정말 감사합니다…You’re very helpful…. 사랑합니다… <3

  • Matthew Khian Hao Lim

    I particularly love this video. Please please more of Korean Drama phrases!

  • codebeard

    Thanks for the lesson — it was very interesting!

    You said in the video that you would post links about grammar points like 궁금해서?

  • apple195

    Happy yet excited because I understand and know what “진짜 궁금해서 그러는데, 두 사람 대체 무슨 사이야?” actually mean without even watching the video. Haha! 고마워요, 선현우 씨.. ^^

  • Thanks so much for posting this. I watch Korean Dramas RELIGIOUSLY! I’m also trying to learn Korean so thanks for this. Keep them coming!

  • Wow !! I just loved this lesson ♥.♥ Very useful ^^
    감사합니다 🙂

  • nurida

    actually i dont really like to watch k-drama either, but really, I love this video <3
    감사합니다 ^^

  • I really like this section!! haha… i learn Korean language from Here actually.. and it works..!!

  • I am honest about y I want to learn the Korean language. I started watching Kdrama like almost 2 yrs ago & I haven’t watched anything on American TV since. I love the language & even though I have picked up quite a bit just from watching drama’s I want to learn more. This site is the 1st that has rly given me what I want. I rly appreciate everything that is done here & I promote this site to others. Thx 4 the hard work!

    Oh I shorthand everything I type except official doc’s @ work. So, if ne1 doesn’t understand what I type feel free to ask.


  • Are

    Hi, i’d like to know if you send your books to american center 🙂 thanks!

  • Valerie Ye

    Love the ‘mild’ ‘beep’ Hahahah i now know how to say this when im curious about the relationship of my Korean friends >.<

  • SøüñDês Làlwénde

    I can’t buy any one of the package file :'( ! why is it not for free ? :'(

  • jr

    why will it be package some day Day Day day Day DAY DAY DAY DAY DAY