Korean Drama Phrases #3 – “다음 주말에 시간 비워 놔요”


Do you enjoy watching Korean dramas? Even though watching TV dramas can be too much fun for you to focus on learning something, studying with phrases used frequently in Korean dramas can be very useful and effective. This lesson introduces the phrase 다음 주말에 시간 비워 놔요.



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Korean Drama Phrases #3 – “다음 주말에 시간 비워 놔요”
  • thank you very much.

  • Oana

    This is great, I was hoping for a new video :)) You two are funny and complete each other very well. Also, I love the editing of the video (그 눈 정말 재밌네요! ).

    감사합니다아아아아아! ^-^

  • Znoopy

    I really love this series (Korean Drama Phrases). But KyoungHwa’s mischievousness is a little necessary for making it perfect. One more thing, music has to be lower because it seems you both speak lower… kinda you are sad…:-( Anyway, I enjoy that you said that there is going to be a next episode, (I hope a lot of them more xD) and I also enjoy when put some suspense at the end of the episodes, it makes us wonder what is going to happen in the next episode…xD
    Congratulatons! You are the best!

  • I liked this video haha! I love the new animations ^^

    Keep it up 😀

  • Lakmal

    very good for the improve koreyan language…

  • rigo

    hello there , as always thank you for your hard work k
    just one favor could you guys explain a little bit more about the 놔요 combination

  • Jason

    주말 여자친구나 주말 남자친구!

  • Arkan

    주말은 정말 싫어요

  • Mary

    what’s the original form for 놔요- to put down sth.?

    Thank you!