[The Drawing Project] Can You Draw This?

We would like to invite everybody to join us in a very interesting art project! As you know, we’ve made hundreds of free Korean lessons for you while also publishing a lot of books and e-books to keep our website running. And now, we are working on making a book bases on one of our most popular e-books, My Weekly Korean Vocabulary!

Participation is very simple to do. You can check out the list of key words we provide, make a drawing based on it, and share it with us. You can see all the information you need by clicking the link below :

Participate in The Drawing Project

We will be looking forward to your participation!



[The Drawing Project] Can You Draw This?
  • Michael Gorman

    I tried making a Flickr account to post my keyword drawing on so I could submit it to you, but I don’t have a phone number and to make an account you need one. Is there any other way I could submit my drawing to you?

  • Wow! I’m really surprise to see how well Seok-Jin actually draw!
    Not that I expected him not to do so but he never refers to that skill before (as far as I remember).

    In my own opinion, the cutest draws are the Kyeong-Hwa and Hyo-Jin’s one. ^^


    Seok-Jin and hyunwoo 선생님 have the best drawings ^_^ I really like them ^_^