Describe This Picture: Taking a Selfie


Describe This Picture is a lesson series where you can learn new vocabulary words and expressions related to a photograph. Beginner-level learners can learn new words, and intermediate-level learners can pick up new ways to describe things!

Key Sentences

두 사람은 식당에서 각자 휴대폰과 태블릿을 보고 있어요.
= The two people are looking at a cellphone and a tablet respectively, in a restaurant.

한 명은 태블릿으로 뭔가 읽고 있는 것 같고, 다른 한 명은 휴대폰으로 셀카를 찍고 있어요.
= One person seems to be reading something on his tablet, and the other person is taking a selfie with his cellphone.

두 사람 모두 회색 계통의 옷을 입고 있어요.
= Both of them are wearing clothes that are generally gray.

오른쪽 뒤로는 식당 직원들의 뒷모습이 보여요.
= In the back of the right-hand side, you can see the backs of the restaurant employees.

이 식당에는 이 두 사람 외에 다른 손님은 없는 것 같아요
= In this restaurant, there seems to be no other customers other than these two people.

Key Words

  • 식당 restaurant
  • 각자 respectively
  • 뭔가 something
  • 셀카를 찍다 to take a selfie
  • 계통 line, category
  • 직원 employee
  • 뒷모습 appearance from the back
  • 보이다 to be seen, to be visible
  • 외에 outside of, other than
  • 손님 guest, customer

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Describe This Picture: Taking a Selfie
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