Describe This Picture: In a Subway Station


Describe This Picture is a lesson series where you can learn new vocabulary words and expressions related to a photograph. Beginner-level learners can learn new words, and intermediate-level learners can pick up new ways to describe things!

Key Sentences

이곳은 6호선 지하철을 탈 수 있는 지하철역이에요.
= This is a subway station where you can take subway line number 6.

에스컬레이터 왼쪽에 앉을 수 있는 공간이 있어요.
= On the left side of the escalator, there is a space where people can sit.

화장실 표시 옆에 물품 보관소가 있어요.
= Next to the restroom sign, there are lockers.

친구로 보이는 두 사람이 걸어가고 있는데 두 사람 모두 가방을 맸어요.
= Two people who seem to be friends are walking and both of them are wearing bags.

앉아 있는 세 사람 모두 휴대폰을 보고 있는 것 같아요.
= All three people who are sitting seem to be looking at their cellphone.



Key Words

  • number + 호선 line number
  • 지하철 subway
  • 역 station
  • 왼쪽 left side
  • 앉다 to sit
  • 공간 space, room
  • 화장실 toilet, restroom
  • 표시 sign
  • 옆 next, side
  • 물품 보관소 locker
  • 친구 friend
  • 걸어가다 to walk (toward somewhere)
  • 가방을 매다 to wear a bag
  • 휴대폰 cellphone


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Describe This Picture: In a Subway Station